CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Paper: Difficult & Lengthy

CBSE board aspirants of Class 12, after facing difficult Maths paper, now have claimed that the Accountancy paper was too difficult and lengthy. Students asserted that the paper consisted to unexpected questions from different topics.

Deepika Seth, Accountancy Teacher, Ramjas School, New Delhi said, “The exam was definitely not a student’s dream paper. It was lopsided with too many questions asking for journal entries. The question where students had to open calls in arrears account was not expected as opening this account is optional in questions.”

Accountancy paper

Many students left the exam hall in tears as they couldn’t finish the lengthy paper. While others claim that the paper was easy but the calculations were tricky. The questions consisting one marks were difficult and thus the paper is a difficult one especially for average and below average students.

Though the analysis of the Accountancy paper, done by educational experts suggests that overall the paper was easy. It was a bit lengthy and expected question came, but from different topic.

Byju’s wishes all the CBSE board aspirants best of luck for upcoming exams.

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