CBSE Class 3 Science

CBSE board is the mostly preferred board which offers well-structured syllabus designed based on the extensive research by the experts of various subjects. Among all the subjects science and maths are the major subjects which includes important concepts. In order to do well in these subjects students has to clear the basics from the primary class itself.

Science is an intriguing subject and it is important to learn thoroughly to know the real facts behind many occurrences such as, why is the sky blue?, Why are there 7 colors in the rainbow? Hence, it is essential for the students to know the importance of science in order to excel in this subject.

We at Byju’s provide all the notes, sample papers, mock tests and previous year question papers to help students score well in their main exam. You can also get the complete CBSE class 3 science syllabus and all the important study materials of class 3 science to get an idea about the subject from the early age.

Class 3 Science Syllabus

  • Poonam’s Day out
  • The Plant Fairy
  • Water O’ Water!
  • Our First School
  • Chhotu’s House
  • Foods We Eat
  • Saying without Speaking
  • Flying High
  • It’s Raining
  • What is Cooking
  • From Here to There
  • Work We Do
  • Sharing Our Feelings

Chapter 1

Poonam’s Day out

Chapter 2

The Plant Fairy

Chapter 3

Water O’ Water!

Chapter 4

Our First School

Chapter 5

Chhotu’s House

Chapter 6

Foods We Eat

Chapter 7

Saying without Speaking

Chapter 8

Flying High

Chapter 9

It’s Raining

Chapter 10

What is Cooking

Chapter 11

From Here to There

Chapter 12

Work We Do

Chapter 13

Sharing Our Feelings

Practise This Question

Statement I: Analogous organs are the result of convergent evolution.
Statement II: Insect wing and bird wing are homologous organs.
Statement III: The marsupials in Australia and South America are examples of parallel evolution.