Class 3 Science Syllabus

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE ) has defined a proper set of academic activities and approaches to provide a child-centered and stress-free education environment so that a child enjoys learning and builds a passion for it. Class 3 science syllabus has chapters like living and nonliving things, kinds of plants, parts of a plant, bodies of animals, eating habits of animals, birds and their bodies, nesting habits of birds, the human body, safety and first aid, air water and weather, rocks and soils, The Earth, Our Environment etc.

Students should always refer class 3 science syllabus before starting their preparation for exams. This syllabus is prepared according to the latest curriculum of CBSE Class 3. Here at BYJU’S, we are providing the detailed class 3 science syllabus which the students can go through.

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CBSE Class 3 Science Syllabus Chapters

1. Air, Water, and Weather
2. Living and Nonliving
3. Talking About the Environment – Activity
4. What are Things Made of?
5. Parts of a Plant
6. The Human Body
7. Safety
8. Light
9. The Moon, the Sun, and the Stars
10. Our Houses
11. Force, Work, and Energy
12. The Earth
13. Sound
14. Rocks and soil

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