Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouse Effect

Objective – The main objective of this experiment is to know how the colors and the types of surface affect the heat-trapping capability of the greenhouse gasses. The hypothesis was that the light colors as well as the smooth surfaces, affect the heat trapping ability of n greenhouse than that of the dark colors and the rough surfaces.

Procedure – Fill each of the six bottles with dirt, water and sand of which the three of them have white paint on their upper third so as to represent the greenhouse gasses and then keep them under different amounts of light intensity.

The result what obtained is that the black-colored dirt has the lowest temperature while that of the light-colored sand as well as, the smooth-surfaced water is said to have the highest temperature.

Conclusion – It can be concluded that the Greenhouse Effect has a lot of impact on the various surface materials. Hence plastic bottles cannot withstand higher temperatures, hence it is good to make use of glass bottles for the purpose of heat-trapping of greenhouses gasses as the glass bottles can withstand higher temperatures.

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