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Mary Teresa Bojaxhiu, famously known as Mother Teresa, was born on 26th August 1910 in Skopje, which is in Macedonia now. Her father was Nikola Bojaxhiu, who was a simple businessman. When she was only eight years old, her father passed away. After that, all the responsibility of the family came onto her mother, Dranafile Bojaxhiu. Mother Teresa was the youngest child among her siblings. She was a beautiful, hardworking girl who was fond of singing. When she was 12, she realised that she would like to dedicate her life to serving people. When she was 18, she decided to join the Sisters of Loreto, an Irish community of nuns with missions in India. Then she went to Ireland, where she learned English. She came to Calcutta from Ireland on 6th January 1929. This essay on Mother Teresa will help students to know about her life journey. They will get to know the contribution made by Mother Teresa to the welfare of society. Moreover, the Mother Teresa Essay helps students know the social work done by her and the different prizes with which her novel work was rewarded.

Mother Teresa was a disciplined teacher, and students used to love her a lot. She was deeply involved in teaching. But the suffering and poverty around her made her impatient. In 1943, many people died in Calcutta because of starvation. In 1947, due to Hindu-Muslim riots, the situation in the city of Calcutta worsened. In 1946, she decided to serve the helpless and the poorest people in Calcutta throughout the rest of her life. After this, she completed the requisite nursing training at the Holy Family Hospital in Pune. In 1948, she came back to Calcutta and from there, for the first time, she went to Taltala. At Taltala, she took care of patients and helpless people. Gradually, she attracted people through her selfless work. The Prime Minister of India also recognised her work.

Initially, Mother Teresa found her work very tough. She had already left Loreto, so she did not have money; she had to get help from others for her bread and butter. On 7th October 1950, she got permission from the Vatican to open Missionaries of Charity. The purpose of these institutes is to help people who do not have any place in society. Mother Teresa opened an ashram named Nirmal Hriday and Nirmala Shishu Bhavan. The purpose of Nirmal Hriday was to help patients and the poor who had been boycotted from society. The purpose of Nirmala Shishu Bhawan was to help orphans and homeless children. She was awarded “Padma Shri” in 1962 and the highest civilian award, “Bharat Ratna”, in 1980 by the Government of India.

Mother Teresa’s work has been recognised throughout the world. She has been recognised and awarded many prizes for her work internationally. The United States of America awarded her the Medal of Freedom in 1985. In 1979, she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for helping the poor and helpless. Mother Teresa decided to use the prize money of one lakh and ninety-two thousand US dollars to help the poor and helpless people in India. She was awarded the Pope John XXIII Peace Prize in 1971 and the Nehru Prize for promoting peace and understanding in 1972. She suffered from heart and kidney problems for many years. In 1997, when her condition worsened, she resigned from the post of Chief of Missionaries of Charity. She died on 5th September 1997 in Calcutta.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Mother Teresa Essay


How did Mother Teresa change the world?

Mother Teresa changed the world through her various humanitarian efforts and showed everyone the true meaning of charity.


How did Mother Teresa contribute to society?

Mother Teresa dedicated her life to the service of mankind, and she founded the Missionaries of Charity, a Roman Catholic congregation, to help the poor and sick people.


Why is it necessary for young children to know about charity?

Providing service to the underprivileged section of people and helping the needy and poverty-stricken community is one of the most important qualities which children should imbibe. These practices help our country to become a better place to live in.


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