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Chemistry Practical Class 12 Preparation of Potassium Ferric Oxalate Viva Questions with Answers

Q1: What is the aim of the experiment?


To produce pure Potassium Ferric Oxalate crystals from oxalic acid dihydrate, potassium monohydrate, and ferric chloride.

Q2: What is Potassium Ferric Oxalate?


Potassium Ferric Oxalate crystal is a light green inorganic complex made from ferric sulphate and barium oxalate in the presence of oxalic acid. One example of an Oxidation-Reduction reaction is this.

Potassium ferrioxalate, Potassium Trioxalatoferrate (III), Potassium tris (oxalato) ferrate(III), and Potassium iron(3+) oxalate are all names for potassium ferric oxalate.

Q3: What is the colour of Potassium ferric oxalate and what is its melting point


Potassium ferric oxalate has a green colour and a melting point of 230°C.

Q4: Define crystallisation.


The process of crystallisation is the formation of a solid form in which the atoms or molecules are strongly arranged into a structure known as a crystal.

Q5: What is called “seeding”?


When a crystal of the same substance is put into a saturated solution, crystallisation might not occur in some instances. This is referred to as seeding.

Q6: What are the precautions needed for the experiment?


  • Do not overconcentrate the solution.
  • To get large crystals, don’t disturb the solution during crystallisation.
  • To dissolve unwanted salt, wash the crystals with hot water.

Q7: Why is the hot saturated solution not cooled suddenly?


Crystals of smaller sizes form when a solution is rapidly cooled. Crystals grow in size as a saturated solution cools slowly.

Q8: What is the formula of potassium ferric oxalate?


K3[Fe(C2O4)3] K3[Fe(C2O4)3]·3H2O

Q9: What is potassium Ferrioxalate used for?


The ferrioxalate anion is relatively stable in the dark, but light and high-energy electromagnetic radiation decompose it. Chemical actinometry, the measurement of luminous flux, and blueprint preparation use this photo-sensitive characteristic.

Q10: What is the geometry of complex potassium ferric oxalate?


The chemical compound potassium ferrioxalate has the formula K3[Fe(C2O4)3], where iron is in the +3 oxidation state. It is an octahedral transition metal complex in which three bidentate oxalate ions are linked to an iron core.

Q11: What is meant by Equilar proportions?


The ratio of the substances’ molecules to their moles is a 1:1 mole ratio.

Q12: What do you mean by Coordination Compounds?


Coordination compounds contain complex ions and have a central metal atom or ion linked to several ions or neutral molecules by coordinate bonds. K4[Fe(CN)6], [Cu(NH3)4]SO4, and Ni(CO)4 are other examples.

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