Conservation Of Water

Conservation Of Water

Why is conservation of water important?

All of us love rain, don’t we? I remember spending my evenings playing in the rain after I got back from school. I had a couple of friends who happily rode their bicycles while the raindrops fell and the others who made colourful paper boats and let it sail across. It was so much fun to jump and see the rainwater splash. I wish we had rain throughout the year.

Going back to the facts, more than 70% of the earth is covered by water. Though the percentage of water is more, you will be shocked to know that only 1% of fresh water is available to mankind. Around 2/3rd of the world’s population has absolutely no access to clean water.

How could we face a shortage of something falling so freely from the sky?

Some reasons behind the scarcity of water are:

  1. Cities, industries and agriculture competing to acquire water bodies and water resources
  2. Increased pollution of water bodies
  3. Increased population and usage of water
  4. Deforestation and climate change

Fresh, clean water is limited in nature. Protecting the ecosystem from further damage is essential for the betterment of all the living species on earth. Therefore, conservation of water is highly important and each of us has a major role in preserving it.

conservation of water

What does Conservation of Water mean?

Conservation of water refers to the preservation, control, development and management of water and its resources. It is the strategies and activities made to manage freshwater and protect the water environment.

We are all equally responsible for doing it, but how do we conserve water?

Let us see some simple ways for the conservation of water

  1. Use water wisely

    You might not be facing a shortage of water in your house/school, but that does not mean that you don’t care about using it wisely. Do not keep the taps open when not in use; turn off the taps while you are still brushing your teeth. Do not run more water than necessary while washing your hands, clothes, utensils, etc. Make sure the unused/collected water is used for other purposes like cleaning, washing, gardening etc. than letting it run down your wash rooms.

  1. Check and fix all the leaks

    Do not let a break in the pipe or a crack in the wall unattended. Fix them as soon as possible to avoid water leakage and wastage.

  1. Take shorter showers

    This is one of the ways to cut down on the over usage of water. Do not prolong your showers for it is fun to be under flowing water. You can have the pleasure of it while it rains.

  1. Do not water your plants in the rainy season

    Now, this is something that we need to understand and follow. Our plants and trees need not be watered during the rainy seasons as they can hold the rainwater for long and can also absorb the moisture present in the air due to the weather.

There are several other ways to conserve water, but these are a few simple ways you can follow at home/school.  Along with this, you can also create awareness about conservation of water among your society, friends, family, study-mates, etc. Conservation of water really matters as it saves life on earth.

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