Water Scarcity

What is Water Scarcity?

Scarcity is basically defined as the state of being scarce or in short supply; shortage.

So Water Scarcity signifies the shortage of water, an imbalance between the demand and supply of water, also good quality of water i.e. potable water.

Water is a very important resource, we use water for almost every activity like drinking, washing, cooking, cleaning, etc. This precious resource is largely getting wasted due to human carelessness and lack of planning and hence we are facing the scarcity of water. According to the United Nations, a person needs a minimum of 50 litres of water per day for his basic needs of hygiene, cooking and drinking. But there is a large population which fails to receive this small quantity of water and hence most of the population is getting affected by water scarcity.

Water Scarcity

Insufficient intake of water causes kidney problems, constipation, and various mental changes. Blood pressure and heat flow in our body are maintained by water. The usable water present on earth, therefore, needs to be saved in order to live a healthy and sustainable living.

Causes of Water Scarcity

  • Even though about 71% of earth’s surface is covered with water, most of this water is not fit for consumption. Freshwater is the only source of useful water which is present in very small quantity thus limiting the accessibility to potable water.
  • Rainwater is an important source of fresh water. It needs to be harvested so that it can be put to use.
  • Human society is overusing water and in many cases wasting it.
  • Loss of water due to leakages, excessive use of water for washing purposes, taps left open after use are some common sights that form the basis of the problem of water scarcity.
  • Due to the large increase in population, the demand is much more than supply.
  • Due to industrialization and urbanization has hugely increased the consumption of water.

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Water Conservation

Conservation of water is needed with immediate effect to sustain life on earth. If the scarcity of water increases there will be a point when the survival of human species, Homo sapiens will be under threat. We need to develop habits that emphasize on saving water. Water pollution should be checked as an entire aquatic ecosystem is dependent on this.

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This article shows the importance of water in our daily lives. All the living organisms require water for various biological processes and hence water is a necessary element for sustaining life on earth. But water is not the only necessity to sustain life, there is a scarcity of products for living beings.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What do you mean by scarcity of water?

Water scarcity either indicate scarcity of availability due to physical scarcity or scarcity of access due to the lack of daily supply by institutions or due to a lack of sufficient infrastructure. Any continent is now plagued by water shortage.

How does water scarcity affect the environment?

The resultant overuse of water associated with water shortages, mostly located in irrigation agriculture, is detrimental to the environment in a variety of respects, including increased salinity, nitrogen degradation, and the depletion of floodplains and wetlands.

What are the impacts of water scarcity?

In these four wide fields, wellness, hunger, education, and insecurity, the consequences of water shortages can be clustered together. Dying off, people. Less water also suggests that sewage does not flow, and mosquitoes breed on still (stagnant) polluted water like most insects. Deadly malaria and other diseases are the result.

How is water wasted?

When brushing their teeth, shaving or doing the dishes, one of the most common ways people waste water is by keeping the water flowing. As soon as you begin cleaning, shaving or doing the dishes, switching the tap off. Fill one sink with clean rinsing water and one with soapy water for cleaning the dishes.

What are the economic impacts of water scarcity?

In a world economy, the price of exchanged goods and services is influenced by water shortage. Liu et al. (2009) indicates that for countries that manufacture water-intensive products, water shortages will result in trade losses. When, however these behaviours are subsidized, the distortion is exacerbated even.

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