Cutting Glass Tube And Glass Rod

Glass is a delicate material which is used in manufacturing various things. There are two types of glass like soda-lime glass and borosilicate glass. Soda-lime glass can be melted easily at 300-400°C and borosilicate glass cannot be easily melted and it requires 700-800°C to soften it. Hence borosilicate glass is used in manufacturing glass apparatus used for laboratory purposes.

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To know the basic techniques of cutting glass tubes and glass rods using a simple process.

Materials Required:

        • 15 cm long soda-glass tube
        • 15 cm long soda-glass rod
        • Triangular file
        • Bunsen Burner
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        • Place the rod or glass tube on the table.
        • Mark the glass tube or rod with triangular file keeping.
        • Keep the triangular file perpendicular to the rod or tube and pull it towards you so that a single deep scratch is made.
        • Hold the glass rod or tube with the help of your thumbs.
        • Now apply pressure in the direction away from you and try breaking the glass rod or tube.
        • Note: if the glass rod or tube does not break, make a deeper scratch using the triangular file on the mark done earlier.
        • If you see any jagged edge, Trim it by striking with a wire gauge.
        • Gently hold the cut edge of the glass rod or tube in the flame to give a good finish.
        • For fire polishing, hold the edge of the glass rod or tube in the bunsen burner and then rotate it back till both the ends get a good finish (smooth and round).

Precautions to be taken during the experiment:

        • Try to make a single deep scratch of the required length in a single stroke/attempt.
        • Be cautious while carrying out the filing process and while breaking the glass tube/rod.
        • Keep your face far and hold the glass tube/rod away with the help of a piece of cloth to get optimum balance.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cutting Glass Tube And Glass Rod


Why glass does not possess a sharp melting point?

Glass is an amorphous solid crystalline structure having tightly packed molecules. Hence Glass does not possess a sharp melting point.


Why is it required to round off the freshly cut edges of the glass tube or the glass rod?

The jagged edges might cause injury while handling, hence for safety and to give good look with a smooth finish, the edges of the glass tube or rod are rounded off.


Why is a glass tube rotated while heating on a burner?

To ensure the uniform heating glass tube is rotated while heating.


Which type of glass softens easily?

Soda-lime glass


Mention the various steps which are involved in the cutting of a glass tube.

  • Scratching
  • Breaking
  • Heating the cut edges
  • Cooling


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