Difference between Herbicides and Pesticides

The study of chemistry is quite important when we are dealing with agriculture. Besides, chemistry forms a crucial part of agriculture from the molecular to the organ structure. Further it plays a vital role when we talk about topics like photosynthesis and also in the production as well as utilization of several agricultural products.

Use of chemical agents such as fertilizers and pesticides have significantly contributed to increase in land produce and at the same time offered protection from harmful elements. Having said that, here we will deal with the topic of pesticides and herbicides, understand the topic and also learn about some key differences between herbicides and pesticides.

Difference between Herbicides and Pesticides

To start, pesticide is actually a broad area which covers many chemical agents that have been developed to control or destroy all types of unwanted substances which are normally called pests. Herbicide on the other hand, is a type of pesticide which has been designed to kill certain types of pest such as weeds and other problematic plant species. While this is the primary difference, let us also look at some other differences between herbicides and pesticides.

Difference between Herbicides and Pesticides
Herbicides Pesticides
Herbicides are normally designed to kill or control specific type of pests. Pesticide is generally used to kill or repel pests of all types, including insects and occasionally plants.
Herbicides come in two forms: selective or non-selective. Pesticide generally includes a lot of compounds like insecticides, herbicides, rodenticides, fungicides, molluscicides, nematicides amongst others.
Herbicides are often used in industrial areas, railways and waste grounds or in farms. Pesticide has its applications in almost all areas.
Herbicides are mainly designed for plants. Pesticides are designed to kill all types of unwanted elements like insects, rodents, fungus etc.

These are some differences between herbicides and pesticides. To know more about the uses of chemistry and chemical agents in agriculture you can keep visiting BYJU’S or download our app for interesting content and learning experience.

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