Importance Of Air For The Survival Of Life

Air is the constant pressure that we feel around us but can never see. The observable effects of air can be seen throughout nature, through the swaying of the plants and the trees. The air when flows with speed and pressure is called a breeze. Even though we cannot see air with our naked eyes, we can still feel it being around us at all times, we also known for certain that without air, life itself would not exist.

Importance Of Air

In earlier times, the air was thought to be one single substance but now it is known that air is a mixture of many gases. A mixture of 2 vital gases mainly Nitrogen and Oxygen in a certain percentage is what allows us to live in such a sustainable condition on planet earth.

Importance of Air

We all need oxygen for respiration. The animals that live both on land and even the aquatic animals need oxygen to exist otherwise they would all perish. Air is the fundamental building block, apart from which life itself would not exist. Bubbles in water only occur due to the small concentration of air, that gets trapped in the small bubbles.

If we take a lump of dry soil and add water to it, bubbles will be observed which indicates the presence of air molecules. Water displaces the air present in the soil and hence bubbles are formed. The organisms living in the soil respire through oxygen present in this air. Animals living in soil form holes and burrows. These burrows make space for air molecules to move in. When it rains, water fills up the vacant spaces and this is the reason why we see organisms like earthworms coming up the soil for air during the rainy season.

We use oxygen all the time but it is still not exhausted because trees return this oxygen to the atmosphere during the process of photosynthesis. Plants also consume oxygen but their consumption is very less than compared to their production. Hence, the net effect is that they add oxygen to the atmosphere. Animals and plants are interdependent on each other for their survival, plants produce oxygen and animals produce carbon dioxide as a by the process, thus they exist with one other forming an ecosystem of their own. However, due to man-made contributions to the environment and ecosystem such as deforestation and factories that release smog, smoke, and other chemical components into the air, thereby polluting the air. This is called Air Pollution.

Air has a lot of different uses that make it an important and essential necessity in our everyday life, without air Earth would be just like the other lifeless planets in our solar system, without any plants, animals or living beings. Without air; life itself would cease to exist. Without air, plants would be unable to keep up with the process of photosynthesis and without them, animals who are completely dependent on plants for their survival would perish too. Besides this, there would be no sound if air did not exist, and we would be surrounded by a vacuum bubble. Apart from this, the pollination of crops would not happen and thus, there would be no crops or food for us. Thus, air is the biggest essential factor that is necessary for the survival of any living species.

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