Magnesium sulfate - MgSO<sub>4</sub>

What is Magnesium sulfate (MgSO4)?

MgSO4 is an inorganic salt with a chemical name Magnesium sulfate. It is also called Sulfuric acid magnesium salt or Magnesium sulfate anhydrous. It is commonly known as Epsom salt. It is a crystalline solid, that appears white in color and is odorless. It is majorly used as bath soak to get rid of sore muscles, to ease the pain of sprains and bruises, etc. It also helps in the removal of splinters and is quite effective.

Properties of Magnesium sulfate – MgSO4

MgSO4 Magnesium sulfate
Molecular Weight/ Molar Mass 120.366 g/mol
Density Anhydrous: 2.66 g/cm3
Taste Bitter taste, Saline
Melting Point 1,124 °C

Magnesium sulfate structure (MgSO4 Structure)

Magnesium sulfate - MgSO4

Magnesium sulfate (MgSO4 ) Uses

  • It is used in agriculture to increase the magnesium and sulfur content in the soil.
  • It is used in making beer as a brewing salt.
  • It is used as a coagulant to make tofu.
  • It is used in organic synthesis as a desiccant.
  • Consumption of magnesium sulfate orally as osmotic purgative or saline laxative.
  • Medically it is used in IV (intravenously) to control seizures in pregnant women.


This compound is dangerous when used in a higher dose than that is recommended by your doctor or instructed on the package. High dosage of this compound causes serious side effects and can also be life-threatening.

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