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CBSE 12th chemistry preparation tips

CBSE Chemistry 12th board examination

CBSE Chemistry

CBSE 12th board examination is one of the few glorified examinations in our country. Every student tries his/her level best to come up with the best results in this examination. Chemistry is considered as one of the most scoring subjects in CBSE 12th board examinations. So let us have a look at some important tips for scoring good marks in class 12th of CBSE Chemistry.

  • For chemistry, NCERT part-1 and part-2 are considered as the best books for preparation. It gives a sound idea of the topics covered in the chapter in the most conducive manner considering the board examinations. Apart from NCERT a candidate can keep one reference book. But use of too many books should be avoided. Also go through the CBSE Syllabus once before you start.
  • When studying for the first time each chapter should be given equal importance irrespective of their marks weightage. Try to understand the concepts rather than memorizing them.
  • Once you have completed a chapter make sure that you attempt all the problems mentioned in NCERT textbook related to that chapter.
  • Once you have covered all the chapters, start solving CBSE board sample papers and previous year papers. A thorough study of previous year question papers reveals not only the marks weightage of different chapters but also the type of questions that can be asked from different chapters because the pattern of CBSE board is more or less static..
  • Solving CBSE sample papers also prepares you to manage your time accordingly on the day of your examination.
  • While writing the examination you should be precise in your answers and also try to write in points as much as possible so that it is easy for the examiner to evaluate.

Question paper structure:

S.No Types of question Marks for each question No. of questions Total marks
1 Long Answer Question 5 3 15
2 Short Answer-I 2 5 10
3 Short Answer-II 3 12 36
4 Value Based Question 4 1 4
5 Very Short Answer Questions 1 5 5
Total 26 70


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