Uses of acetone

Acetone is also known as propanone. Its chemical formula is CH3COCH3. It is a colourless liquid. It is the simplest ketone with the condensed formula being C3H6O. It is an organic chemical which contains hydrogen, oxygen and carbon atoms. At room temperature, it is a flammable liquid. It can break down superglue and leaves the alcohol denatured. It is a volatile chemical. There are various uses of acetone. The most important use is, that it is used as a building block in organic synthesis.

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Uses of acetone

Acetone is found in humans and animals. In humans, it is produced by the process of ketosis in people with low carbohydrate food or diabetes. Below are the five important uses of acetone in daily life

  • Medicine or pharmaceutical industry
  • Used in cosmetics
  • Used in laboratory
  • Used in electronics
  • Used for domestic purposes

Uses of acetone in the industry – Medicine/ Pharmaceutical

Acetone is an organic solvent which is most commonly used in pharmaceuticals. It is used in producing pills and liquid medicines to have proper density. It is mandatory for the efficacy of the medicine. It is also used as an antiseptic. Acetone is used in the textile industry for degreasing wool and degumming silk.

Uses of acetone in cosmetics:

Acetone denatures certain alcohol and is used as an additive in makeup and skin creams. One of the primary ingredients of nail paint remover is acetone. By using a cotton swab or cloth nail paint can be easily removed from nails and leaves it dry. Sometimes it can cause eye irritation or skin irritation.

Uses of acetone in the laboratory:

Acetone is an important solvent in the laboratory. It is used to rinse the glass apparatus and makes the drying process faster. Its freezing point is -80 °C and is widely used to conduct chemical reactions at low temperatures. The vapours of acetone can be used as tracers because it appears fluorescent under UV light

Uses of acetone in electronics:

It is used in cleaning electronic devices. Many electronic gadgets and appliance cleaners use acetone as a solvent. Therefore, is used in the cleaning of electronic gadgets and devices

Uses of acetone for domestic purposes:

It is used to remove oil stains from the walls. Also, stubborn ink stains can be removed using acetone. It is used as a paint thinner for oil paints and resins and also can be used to clean brushes and other equipment that was used while painting

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