Chromium III Chloride Formula

Chromium III Chloride, also known as chromic chloride, is a purple solid with a formula CrCl3. It is used as a precursor to many inorganic compounds of chromium. It can be prepared by the chlorination of chromium metal directly. In this short piece of article, we will be studying more about the chromium III chloride formula along with its chemical structure, properties and uses.

Chromium III Chloride Properties

Properties of Chromium III Chloride
Name Chromium III Chloride
Other Names Chromic Chloride
Appearance A purple solid when anhydrous and dark green when hexahydrate
Chemical Formula CrCl3
Melting Point 1,152 °C (anhydrous)

83°C (Hexahydrate)

Boiling Point 1,300 °C
Density 2.87 g/cm³ (anhydrous)

1.760 g/cm³ (hexahydrate)

Molar Mass 158.36 g/mol (anhydrous)

266.45 g/mol (hexahydrate)

Solubility in Water Slightly Soluble

Chromium III Chloride Chemical Structure

Chromium III Chloride Formula

Chromium III Chloride Uses

  • Used in oil-field industry for chrome plating
  • Used as mordant in dyeing and printing industry
  • Used in food additives, feed additives and other chromium compounds

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