Chromium III nitrate describes a group of inorganic compounds that are comprised of chromium, nitrates with varying amount of water. Commercially, it is of less importance, finding its application in the dyeing industry. They are used in academic laboratories for the synthesis of chromium coordination complexes. Here, in the article, learn about the Chromium III nitrate formula, along with its chemical structure and properties.

Chromium III Nitrate Properties

Properties of Chromium III Nitrate
Name Chromium III Nitrate
Other Names Nitric acid, Chromium (3+) salt
Appearance Blue-violet crystals
Chemical Formula Cr(NO3)(anhydrous)

[Cr(H2O)6](NO3)3. 3H2O (nonahydrate)
Melting Point 60.06 °C (nonahydrate)
Boiling Point > 100 °C
Density 1.85 g/cm3
Molar Mass 238.011 g/mol (anhydrous)

400.21 g/mol (nonahydrate)

Solubility in Water Soluble

Chromium III Nitrate Chemical Structure

Chromium III Nitrate Formula

Chromium III Nitrate Uses

  • Used in the production of alkali-metal free catalyst
  • Used in the process of pickling

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