Engaging Maths Addition Worksheets for Grade 1

Presenting here, Maths Addition Worksheets for Grade 1 to help your child practice simple addition sums for Class 1 like single-digit addition, missing numbers, double-digit numbers addition, etc.

Addition is one of the four basic operations of Arithmetic. The action of combining two or more numbers together to derive a new total is referred to as Addition. Addition is one of the prime topics of Class 1 Maths subject

Kids are taught to learn simple addition sums for Class 1 like adding single-digit numbers and practice addition questions with numbers from 0-10, 0-20 and 0-30. 

Maths Addition Worksheets for Grade 1 can be of great help for candidates who want to learn how to solve simple problems on addition for Class 1 as stated above. Worksheets of Addition for Class 1 have been listed below for your child’s practice session.

In Class 1 Maths, children learn to solve addition mental problems like missing numbers, adding double-digit numbers, adding in columns, etc. This is the beginners’ stage of learning number addition sums for Class 1 as it prepares your child for higher classes. Through these Maths Addition Worksheets for Grade 1 students, kids will be able to learn the concept of addition in a very short time. 

Download Maths Addition Worksheet for Grade 1 for Free

To download free Worksheets on Addition for Grade 1 with pictures in a printable PDF format, click the links given below:


Starting with simple addition activities, these Maths Addition Worksheets for Class 1 include objects and pictures or number lines which are followed by one-digit mathematical facts, mental addition such as adding double-digits, adding whole tens, addition word problems and adding in columns. 

Single-digit Addition Worksheets include addition sums for Class 1, addition of a single-digit number to a single-digit or a double-digit number. 2 digit addition worksheets with pictures offer children a way to solve questions involving the addition of two-digit numbers. 

Our Worksheets on Addition for Grade 1 are designed in a simple manner so that your child can grasp knowledge while having fun. Solving the Addition Worksheet for Class 1 will prepare your little one to solve any single-digit Maths Addition Questions for Grade 1 with ease.

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