Republic Day Essay in English 10 Lines for Class 3

Republic Day- the day when the Constitution of India came into effect. The day when India underwent its formal transition from being a colony to becoming a republic. In this article, we are offering Republic Day Essay in English for Class 3 kids that will help them get an idea on how to write a simple yet impressive essay on Republic Day.

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Republic Day Essay

Republic Day Essay

  • Republic Day of India is celebrated on 26th January every year. It is a national holiday.
  • On 26th January 1950, the Constitution of India came into effect. That was the day when India became a republic. Since then, 26th January is enthusiastically celebrated across the nation.
  • It took two years, eleven months and eighteen days to draft the Constitution of India.
  • The prime and formal celebration of Republic Day of India happens on the Rajpath in New Delhi.
  • Ceremonies and parades are organised as a tribute to India’s diversity, rich cultural heritage and military power.
  • The Chief Guest of this function is the President of India. The President hoists the flag at the Rajpath on this day.
  • The Delhi Republic Day parade is organised by the Ministry of Defence to showcase India’s defence capabilities.
  • The Delhi Republic Day parade is one of the chief attractions during the celebration of India’s Republic Day.
  • On the evening of the Republic Day, Padma awards are distributed to the civilians by the President.

Republic Day essay 10 lines in English are given above. This essay will give kids an idea of how they can draft an impressive essay on this topic. Children in primary classes are often asked to write a short essay on Republic Day or an essay on Republic Day speech in English. Children must be familiarised with the importance of Independence Day of India and how they can draft a good essay on the topic.

The above 10 lines on Republic Day of India will surely guide kids in essay writing on the topic at hand. You can click on the linked article to have a look at more such common essays for Class 3 during elementary school.

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