Concept of Public Relations

Public relations has assumed a bigger role in the current era of business and non-business operations and is considered as an important part of the promotion mix.

A firm or a business is very much dependent on the public for its success. Therefore, the purpose of public relations is to establish and maintain a healthy relationship between the firm and the public.

What is Public Relations?

Public Relations is defined as the set of various activities that are conducted by the business or the firm to maintain mutual understanding between the public and the firm. It also includes the various activities that help promote and protect the image of the company and its products and services in the eyes of the public.

Functions of Public Relations

Public Relations performs the following functions:

1. Press Relations: Public relations work towards projecting a positive image of the company or business to the public and press.

2. Product publicity: By creating events for publicity of the products or services the public relations team generates attention for the product or the service.

3. Effective Communication: Public relations help create and promote the way of working of the organisation. This is facilitated by the internal and external communication

4. Developing Content: One of the primary functions of public relations is to develop content for the business in the form of newsletters, blogs and speeches.

5. Counselling: The public relations function is to advise the management on public issues, protect the company image during bad times and improve the position of the company in good times.

Objectives of Public Relations

The following are the objectives of public relations

  1. It works towards promoting smooth functioning of the business and achievement of the objectives of the organisation.
  2. It helps in building a corporate image and creating a favourable impression and credibility of the products and services offered by the company or business in the eyes of the public.
  3. It helps generate buzz regarding the launch of new products and maintains that interest and curiosity among the public till the product is launched.
  4. It acts towards promoting the products and services, similar to the lines of advertising and thus helps business in selling of its products and services.
  5. It helps in decreasing promotional costs as most of the promotional activities are conducted through the media channels.
  6. It helps the public in overcoming misconceptions and prejudices related to the product or service.

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