What is the Difference Between Dealer and Distributor?

Who is a Dealer?

A dealer is someone who buys a product for their business, stocks it up and then sells them off the rack. They act as a middle man between the distributor and the customer and act as authorised sellers of those commodities in a particular area. A dealer attracts customers from other dealers, and a competitive competition is formed in the market. They can sell goods from different brands at an increased price than what had paid, making a huge profit margin. In simple words, a dealer is someone who is engaged in dealing with a particular product, buys it and then sells it off.

Dealer vs Distributor

Who is a Distributor?

A distributor is the only person who distributes goods in a specific area. He is the only source for the retailers and dealers to purchase that product in the area. Usually, a distributor is appointed by the company to sell their product on their behalf. They are the mediator between the manufacturers or producers and retailers, promote and sells the product on behalf of the manufacturers to the concerned entities.

A distributor buys commodities from the company in bulk and sells in small units to other business and outlets. They also offer few services like replacement service, after-sale service, technical support, etc. to the customers.

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What it means?

A dealer is someone who buys and sells the goods by himself Distributors distribute the goods and services to other dealers and business.

Establish links between

Distributor and Customer Manufacturer and Dealer


The dealer buys a product for his business and trade for the customers The distributor buys goods from the manufacturers and distributes it to the dealer and other business


Principal Agents


Deals in a particular category of product Deals with a variety of products


Extreme competitive Not competitive

Selling area

Limited Larger

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