What are the Differences between Dissolution of Partnership and Dissolution of Firm?

Dissolution of Partnership is the dissolution of partnership enterprise. It happens because of the aspect that when the legitimate association between all the partners, comes to an end, and it is called as dissolution of an enterprise, however, when any partner becomes crippled, then the partnership between the particular partner and other partners of the enterprise, comes to an end, but the enterprise may continue to function, if other partners wish so. Below mentioned are a few key differences between Dissolution of Partnership and Dissolution of Firm.

Dissolution of Partnership Dissolution of Firm
Dissolution of a partnership – to the adjournment of the association between a partner and the rest of the partners of an enterprise Shareholders are individuals or organizations who are the holders of one or more shares of the company.
                                                        Continuation of business
In event of dissolution of partnership, business continues as usual, but the partnership is reconstituted In event of dissolution of firm, business stops 
                                                          Intervention of Court
No requirement for court intervention Firms can be dissolved by court intervention
                                                        Closure of book of accounts
Not closed Closed for firm
                                                        After winding up of the entity
Assets and liabilities are revalued after winding up of existing partnership Assets and liabilities are settled on winding up of a firm
Does not result in dissolution of firm Dissolution occurs between partners of the firm

Dissolution of the partnership leads to the end of the old agreement between the partners and its reinstatement with the new agreement. No physical disposal occurs. On the other hand, in the dissolution of the enterprises assets are disposed of and liabilities are decided.

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