What is Fayol and Taylor’s Theories of Management

Management is a process through which the members of an organization gets the job done with the help of other people. The decision-making process and the performance of management are guided by various principles of management. Different management theories are composed of many management thinkers. Out of which, two such eminent thinkers are Fredrick Winslow Taylor (F.W. Taylor) and Henry Fayol.

In management theory, Henry Fayol, a French mining engineer contributed fourteen management principles and various concept of a general theory of administration, whereas, F.W.Taylor, an American mechanical engineer improved the theory of scientific management and contributed four management principles. Let’s learn in-depth the Fayol vs Taylor’s Theories of Management.

Henry Fayol Theory of Management

Henry Fayol also known as ‘father of modern management theory’ gave a new perception to the concept of management. He introduced a general theory that can be applied to all levels of management and every department. The Fayol theory is practised by the managers to organize and regulate the internal activities of an organization. He concentrated on accomplishing managerial efficiency.

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F.W.Taylor Theory of Management

F.W. Taylor or Fredrick Winslow Taylor is also known as the ‘father of scientific management’ proved with his practical theories that a scientific method can be implemented to management. This scientific process involved experiments, observation, analysis, and inference and was applied to create a cause and effect relationship. Taylor gave much concentration on the supervisory level of management and performance of managers and workers at an operational level.

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Henry Fayol F.W. Taylor
Henry Fayol, father of modern management contributed fourteen management principles, accomplishing managerial efficiency. F.W. Taylor, father of scientific management contributed four management principles, for enhancing overall productivity.
Top-level management Low-level management
Top management based on top downward approach. Supervisory viewpoint and bottom upward approach
Focused on delivering managerial efficiency. Increasing productivity of labour
Theory-based on
Personal experience Observation and experiment.

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