What is Standard Costing vs Budgetary Control?

What is Standard Costing?

Standard Costing is a method used to compare revenue and the standard cost with the actual result, to check the variance and its causes. It informs the management of the deflection and initiates correct measures for improvement.

It can be defined as the predicted cost per unit of the product manufactured during a period, based on different factors. It calculates the performance, inventory valuation, controlling the deviation, and deciding the selling price of the product. There are three main components of standard costing.

  • Direct Material Cost
  • Direct Labour Coat
  • Overheads

What is Budgetary Control?

Budgeting Control is a management operation that monitors the budget, control cost, and service in a given accounting year. It helps the management to set a regulate performance and financial goal and helps the company get the desired results. It’s a procedure, in which company functions are outlined in advance, and compared with the real result later to see if the desired results are acquired or not.

Few major characteristics Budgetary control is:

  • According to the policy, the budget is designed.
  • The actual output and the target budget is often compared to review the performance of a company.
  • If the existing condition change, revisions are made.
  • Suitable action is taken if the desired result is not accomplished.

This article is a ready reckoner for all the students wanting to learn the difference between Standing Costing and Budgetary Control

Parameters Standard Costing Budgetary Control
Meaning It is a method used to compare revenue and the standard cost with the actual result It is a management function that monitors budget, control cost, and operation in a given accounting year
Scope It limited to cost details. Includes cost, financial data.
Scale Narrow Wide
Variance Yes No
Comparison Actual costs and standard cost of actual output Actual figures and budgeted figures

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