Important Questions for Collection of Data

Important questions with answers for Collection of Data which is drafted by expert commerce teachers from the latest version of CBSE (NCERT) books.

CBSE Class 11 Statistics Chapter 2 Important Questions

Question 1

Define primary data.


Primary data is the collection of data collected by the investigator for his own purpose for the first time. These are collected from the source of origin.

Question 2

Define secondary data.


According to Wessel, “Data collected by another person is known as secondary data”. It is known as secondary data as it has already been collected by somebody else. These data are accessible in the form of a published and unpublished report.

Question 3

What are the two sources of data?


The two sources of data are:

  • Primary source
  • Secondary source

Question 4

Mention two sources of secondary data.


The two sources of secondary data are:

  • Government publication
  • Semi-government publication

Question 5

In what parameters is the statistical information published in the census of India?


The statistical information is published in the following parameters in the census of India[1] 

  • Population projection
  • Sex composition of a population
  • Density of population
  • Size, growth rate, and distribution of people in India

Question 6

Mention two demerits of indirect oral investigation.


The two demerits of indirect oral investigation are:

  • Less accurate
  • Biased
  • Doubtful conclusion

Question 7

The progress report of a railway published by the railway department is what kind of data?


The progress report of a railway published by the railway department is secondary data.

Question 8

When is a direct personal investigation suitable for primary data collection?


The direct personal investigation method is suitable for collecting primary data only on the following situations:

  • When the investigation is confined and less
  • When an authentic and accurate information is required
  • When the data is to be kept secret
  • When the direct contact with information is needed

Question 9

When are the qualities of a good questionnaire?


A good questionnaire should have the following qualities:

  • Less number of questions
  • Should be clear
  • Proper order of question
  • Non-controversial
  • Questions related to the topic
  • Request for return

Question 10

Why is a pilot survey important?


A pilot survey is essential because of the following:

  • It helps in assessing the quality and suitability of questions.
  • It evaluates the performance of enumerators.
  • It helps in designing a set of rules for the investigator.
  • It estimates the time and cost involved in the final survey.

Question 11

What is the universe in statistics?


In statistics, the term universe or population indicates an aggregate of items studied for investigators.

Question 12

Define sample.


Sample is a collection of an item from the population that represents the characteristics of the population.

Question 13

Define the census method.


It is a method of collecting data where each item related to the problem of the investigation is collected.

Question 14

Explain the sample method.


It is a process of collecting data in which the sample of a group of items are examined, and conclusions are drawn on their basis.

Question 15

What do you mean by random sampling?


In this method, every item of the universe has an equal chance of being selected in the sample.

Question 16

What is purposive or deliberate sampling?


It is a sampling method where the investor chooses the sampling items according to his opinion, and it is the best for the population.

Question 17

Define stratified and mixed sampling?


In this method, the universe is divided into two groups having different characteristics, and the items are selected for each group, hence the entire group is represented.

Question 18

Explain systematic sampling.


In systematic sampling, population units are arranged according to the alphabets, numbers, and geography. Here, every nth numerical item is selected as a sample.

Question 19

What is quota sampling?


Here, the universe is divided into two sections or groups in terms of their characteristics.

Question 20

What is convenience sampling?


In this method, sampling is done according to the investigator’s convenience.

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