Important Questions for Measures of Central Tendency

Important questions with answers for measures of central tendency are drafted by expert commerce teachers from the latest version of CBSE (NCERT) books.

Important Questions: Measures of Central Tendency

Question 1

Define median.


Median is a value located in the centre of a series in such a way that half of the values of the series are above it and the other half are below it.

Question 2

What is mode?


Mode is a value that frequently occurs in a series, which means that the modal value has the highest frequency in the series.

Question 3

Define the partition value.


The value that divides the series into more than two parts is known as the partition value.

Question 4

Explain quartile.


The end value of the statistical series when it is divided into four parts is known as quartile.

Question 5

What is positional average?


Positional average is an average whose value is worked out on the basis of its position in the statistical series.

Question 6

Define the central tendency.


A method of statistical analysis by which the average of a statistical series is analysed is known as the central tendency.

Question 7

What are the purposes of average in the statistical method?


The purposes of average is the statistical method are:

  •       Brief description
  •       Comparison
  •       Formulation of policies
  •       Statistical analysis
  •       One value of all

Question 8

What are the different kinds of statistical average?


The different kinds of statistical average are:

  •       Mathematical average
  •       Positional average

Question 9

What are the two methods that can calculate the simple arithmetic mean in case of an individual series?


The two methods that can calculate the simple arithmetic mean in case of an individual series are:

  •       Direct method
  •       Shortcut method

Question 10

What are the methods of calculating the simple arithmetic mean?


The methods of calculating the simple arithmetic mean are:

  •       Individual series
  •       Discrete series
  •       Frequency distribution

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