MCQs on Tabulation

Tabulation is the planned or structured statistical data arrangement in rows or columns. It includes a well ordered and systematic demonstration of numerical data to analyse and check the data efficiently. It also refers to a chart, table, and diagram etc.

Given below are important MCQs on tabulation to analyze your understanding of the topic. The answers are also given for your reference.

Tabulation MCQs

Question 1

The arrangement of data in rows and columns is called

(A) Frequency distribution

(B) Cumulative frequency distribution

(C) Tabulation

(D) Classification

Answer C

Question 2

When the quantitative and qualitative data are arranged according to a single feature, the tabulation is known as

(A) One-way

(B) Bivariate

(C) Manifold-division

(D) Dichotomy

Answer A

Question 3

Tabulation can also be in the form of

(A) Percentage

(B) Angle

(C) Tabulation

(D) Classification

Answer C

Question 4

Which function does the tabulation origin spot specify?

(A) The list of integers

(B) The list of max terms

(C) The list of minterms

(D) None

Answer A

Question 5

In the table, the unchecked term is known as

(A) Prime Implications

(B) Old Implications

(C) Even implicant

(D) None

Answer A

Question 6

Tabulation form exercises

(A) Gates

(B) Demorgan’s postulate

(C) Matching process cycle

(D) Venn diagram

Answer C

Question 7

The first tabulation method was known as

(A) Quine-McCluskey

(B) Cluskey

(C) MCQuine

(D) None

Answer D

Question 8

The table where the variables are subdivided with interrelated features are known as

(A) Order level table

(B) Subparts of table

(C) One way table

(D) Two-way table

Answer D

Question 9

In a tabular presentation, the summary and presentation of data with different non-overlapping classes are defined as

(A) Frequency distribution

(B) Chronological distribution

(C) Ordinal distribution

(D) Nominal distribution

Answer D

Question 10

General tables of data used to show data in an orderly manner are called as

(A) Double characteristic table

(B) Manifold tables

(C) Repository tables

(D) Single characteristics tables

Answer C

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