Sandeep Garg Solutions Class 11 Economics Chapter 2 - Tabular Presentation

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Sandeep Garg Solutions Class 11 – Chapter 2

Question 1

Show a blank table with the number of students giving JEE examination in terms of gender and stream (Science, Art, and Commerce).



Question 2
Arrange a blank table for a population of Mumbai according to gender, age, and marital status (Age should be below 30 years and above 30 years).



Question 3
In 2016, out of a total of 550 students in a college, 200 were for B.Com (H) and Eco(H) were remaining students. Make a table of the given information.



The given details can be outlined as follows.

In year 2015

Total number of students in a college =350

Total number of B.Com(H) students = 250

Total number of Eco(H) students = 350 – 250 = 100

In year 2016

Total number of students in a college = 550

Total number of Eco(H) students = 350

Total number of B.Com(H) students = 550 – 350 = 200

Distribution of Students in a College


Question 4
In a survey about the tea habit in two towns, the below-mentioned details were received:

(i) Town A: Total females population were 40%; where the tea drinkers were 45% and 20% were male non-tea drinkers.

(ii) Town B: Males population were 55%; 30% of males were non-tea drinkers and 15% were females, tea drinkers. Arrange the information in tabular form.


Percentage of tea drinkers and non-tea drinkers in City A and City B


Question 5

In a school, 620 parents applied for their child’s admission, out of which 130 are economically weaker section category. Here, 190 are self-employed, 40 parents are service class, and rest are of business class.

In the EWS division, 94 parents are service class. Suppose, if total business class applicants are 300, then give the information in a tabular form.




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