What is a Financial Ratio?

Financial Ratio:

A financial ratio is used to calculate a company’s financial status or production against other firms. It is a tool used by investors to analyse and gain information about the finance of a company’s history or the entire business sector. To calculate financial ration, numbers are taken from the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. The financial ratio is not a calculation but an explanation of the economic status of a company, in terms of profit, liquidity, leverage, and market valuation. A ratio may serve as an indicator, red flag or clue for various issues.

Types of Financial Ratios:

There are five types of financial ratio:

1. Asset turnover ratios: This ratio is used as a guide to optimising the firm’s assets, inventory, and accounts receivable collection on a regular basis. The two common assets are:

  • Inventory turnover
  • Receivable turnover

2. Dividend turnover ratio: This ratio helps in foresee the company’s future growth. They also give an insight into the company’s dividend policy. The two common dividends are:

  • Payout ratio
  • Dividend Yield

3. Financial leverage ratio: This ratio gives an idea about the company’s long term debt. Two financial leverage ratios are:

  • Debt ratio
  • Debt -to-equity-ratio

4. Liquidity Ratio: It gives an understanding of the company’s short term financial obligation.

5. Profitable Ratio: This helps the company to understand how a company is successful in generating profits. Three common profitable are:

  • Return on equity
  • Return on asset
  • Gross profit margin
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Uses of Financial Ratios:

The financial ratio can be used in two different forms:

  • Analyse firm performance: This performance is evaluated with trend analysis, calculating an individual’s ration on a per-term basis and tracing its worth over time. This analysis is used to find out the source for pending receivables, its average collection time, and a decrease in organisation liquidity status.
  • Relative performance comparison: Here, the comparison is between a company’s profits with the other competitors.

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