Collective Nouns Exercises

Collective nouns are specific words used to name a collection of a particular group of nouns. For example, a shoal of fish, a band of musicians, a fleet of ships, etc. This article will test your knowledge of collective nouns. Try out the collective nouns exercises given to see how good you are with them.

Collective Noun Exercises with Answers

Here are a few exercises on collective nouns. Check them out.

Exercise 1: Identify the collective nouns

Read the following sentences and underline the collective nouns.

  1. The captain guided the team to play better.
  2. The flock of sheep was grazing in the fields.
  3. My father brought a bouquet of lilies for my mother.
  4. A pack of wolves howled at night.
  5. A swarm of bees flew into the garden.
  6. The hunter carries a quiver of arrows.
  7. Our cat gave birth to a litter of kittens.
  8. The army marched forward on the battlefield.
  9. Can you pass me the bunch of keys?
  10. The French destroyed the Armenian fleet.
  11. Do you know about the cast of this movie?
  12. The crew struggled to lead the ship past the stormy waves.
  13. The board decided to appoint Riya as the Manager.
  14. Please clean the pile of garbage.
  15. The entire medical staff got infected by the Coronavirus.
  16. The Beatles is a famous band.
  17. The troupe performed the Macbeth drama.
  18. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands comprise a group of 573 islands.
  19. The jury passed a unanimous decision.
  20. A cloud of dust swirled up during the storm.

Answers –

  1. Team
  2. Flock
  3. Bouquet
  4. Pack
  5. Swarm
  6. Quiver
  7. Litter
  8. Army
  9. Bunch
  10. Fleet
  11. Cast
  12. Crew
  13. Board
  14. Pile
  15. Staff
  16. Band
  17. Troupe
  18. Group
  19. Jury
  20. Cloud

Exercise 2: Guess the collective noun

  1. A number of people listening to a lecture/concert
  2. A group of people who sing in the church or public platforms
  3. A number of judges who are engaged in a case
  4. A collection of tools
  5. A collection of poems
  6. A collection of different types of books
  7. A number of grapes or nuts on a bunch
  8. A collection of ducks, chickens or fowls
  9. A number of directors of any institution
  10. A number of lions
  11. A number of stars in the sky
  12. A group of bacteria
  13. A group of penguins
  14. A group of fish
  15. A number of cards

Answers –

  1. Audience
  2. Choir
  3. Jury/Panel
  4. Set
  5. Anthology
  6. Library
  7. Cluster
  8. Poultry
  9. Board
  10. Pride
  11. Constellation
  12. Culture
  13. Rookery or Colony
  14. Shoal or School
  15. Deck

Frequently Asked Questions on Collective Nouns Exercises


What is a collective noun?

A collective noun is the name of a number/collection of things or persons taken together and spoken of as a whole. For example, “The shepherd has a flock of sheep.” Here, ‘flock’ is the collective noun as it takes together a number of sheep and speaks of it as a whole.


What is the collective noun for owls?

Interestingly a number/group of owls is known as a parliament.


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