Consonant Words in English

Words in the English language are made up of vowels and consonants. Some words, however, have consonants but no vowels. This article will give you a list of such words and their meanings.

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Consonant Words with Meanings

Word Meaning
Brr It refers to an exclamation when someone is feeling cold.
Cwm A cirque, particularly one in the Welsh mountains.
Grrl Refers to a strong and independent young woman.
Hmm An exclamation that refers to hesitation or uncertainty.
Mm An exclamation that expresses happiness or fulfilment.
Nth In a series, it refers to an indeterminate item or incident, usually the last or latest in a long series.
Pfft A dull, sudden sound, such as that of a minor crash or explosion, is represented by this sound.
Psst Attracting someone’s attention with an outburst.
Sh An exclamation used to signal a need for silence.
Tch Used to refer to irritation, impatience, and annoyance.
Tsk Used to refer to irritation, impatience, and annoyance.
Xlnt An informal way of saying excellent.

Frequently Used Consonant Words in English

We have provided a few consonant words which are used in our daily conversations.

Dry Gym Psst
Cry Hmm Lymph
Brr Dryly Wry
Cyst Ply Thy
Fly Lynch Sylph
Gypsy Myths Try
Crypt Spy Sly
Fry Nymph Why

5-Letter Consonant Words with Meanings

Here is a list of 5-letter words with consonants.

Myrrh A gum resin used to make incense
Pygmy Any person, animal, or plant that is disproportionately small
Shyly Refers to shy
Crwth A Celtic instrument from the ancient times
Phpht Interjection used to express slight irritation.

6-Letter Consonant Words with Meanings

The following 6-letter words, though not used very often, are some examples are words with no vowels.

Rhythm A pattern of movement or sound that is repeated on a regular basis
Syzygy A pair of things that are related or corresponding.
Sylphy Three celestial planets are arranged in a nearly straight line.
Spryly Vigorous or vibrant; lively and active.
Smyths Smyths is an early spelling of the surname Smyth.

Frequently Asked Questions on Consonant Words


What are the various 6-letter consonant words in English?

The various 6-letter consonant words in English are rhythm, syzygy, smyths, etc. These words are not used in our everyday conversation, but they can be helpful in improving vocabulary.


What are the most commonly used consonant words in English?

The most commonly used consonant words are dry, gym, sh, hmm, ply, shy, why, try, myth, crypt, etc.