Difference between Anybody and Anyone | Anybody vs Anyone

You might have heard people using the words ‘anybody’ and ‘anyone’ quite often and might have wondered whether these words are the same or not. There are plenty of examples of such words in the English Language, which often put people in confusion. One such pair is the words ‘anyone’ and ‘anybody’. This article will help the students understand whether both are the same or not. The article will cover the following topics mentioned below, which will provide a clear concept about these two words.

  • Table Summarising the Difference between Anyone and Anybody
  • The Difference between Anyone and Anybody – Meaning
  • Example of Anyone and Anybody
  • Anybody and Anyone – Conclusion

Table Summarising the Difference between Anyone and Anybody




Anyone refers not to any specific person.

Anybody refers to any person in a group and is used while asking a question.


Used as pronoun

Used as pronoun


Anyone can come to the party.

Did anybody see where the thief went?

If students go through the above table, they will notice how ‘anyone’ is different from that of ‘anybody’. If only one understands the meaning of both the words, they can use them appropriately.

The Difference between Anyone and Anybody – Meaning

If you see a larger picture, ‘anyone’ and ‘anybody’ can be used synonymously and can be used interchangeably. But in some cases, ‘anyone’ is used to denote a single person, i.e. single out one person from a group, whereas ‘anybody’ can be used to denote multiple people in a group. For example, “Anyone from the class can participate in the competition.” Here, ‘anyone’ generally means any student from the particular class talked about can participate in the competition. “Can anybody help me with a dollar?” Here, ‘anybody’ refers to any random person from any group. The words ‘anybody’ and ‘anyone’ can be used interchangeably, but one has to keep in mind the context it is being used in. Going through this article will help you understand how you can use these words.

Example of Anybody and Anyone

The following example will help students to better understand the terms ‘anyone’ and ‘anybody’.

Anyone – “Let me know if anyone calls.”

Anybody– “Is anybody home?”

Once students understand the meaning of ‘anyone’ and ‘anybody, they can easily identify when and how to use these words.

Anybody and Anyone – Conclusion

To sum up, ‘anybody’ and ‘anyone’ can be considered synonymous and be used interchangeably. But one thing to remember while using these words is the context, i.e. in which sense you are using them in a sentence. This article walks one through the essential points that help one to understand how to use these two terms. BYJU’S offers many such ‘differences between two words’ that people often get confused with.

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