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Though these two words might look similar, they are not. There are plenty of pairs of words present in the English Language that might often confuse people. This article will discuss two such words that people often misinterpret – ‘assure’ and ‘ensure’. There are many people who might be able to tell that these two words are different but cannot quite point out how they are different. The primary reason why people often get confused between these two words is that they sound very similar. Take a look at the following topics and learn how to use these words aptly.

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Table Summarising the Difference between Assure and Ensure

Assure Ensure
Meaning Assure refers to removing doubts about any issue. Ensure refers to making sure that something will/will not happen.
Usage Used as a verb. Used as a verb.
Example The doctor assured us that there would be no complications. Please ensure that there is no loophole.


Difference between Assure and Ensure – Meaning and Usage

From the above table, it is clear that one cannot use ‘assure’ and ‘ensure’ interchangeably, and that they are in no way synonymous. Though both ‘assure’ and ‘ensure’ can be used as verbs, make sure you understand their meaning and use them properly. For example, “They assured me that I would find a bus in the evening.” Here, it means the people have removed all doubts regarding the availability of the bus in the evening. Now, look at this example – “All parents must ensure that their children do their homework regularly”. Here, it means that parents must make sure that their children complete their homework.

Examples of Assure and Ensure

The following examples will help students to better understand the terms ‘ensure’ and ‘assure’:

Ensure – The police ensured that there were no more accidents in the area.

Assure – The police assured us that the thief would be arrested in no time.

Here are a few more examples.

  • The company ensures to take care of all employee requirements.
  • No restaurant ensures the safety of the customer’s personal belongings.
  • The teacher assured the children that they could go play once they complete the test.
  • My father assured me that he will always be there to support me.


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