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‘Road’ and ‘street’ are commonly used words but have you ever thought about whether they are the same or different? We generally use these words to give directions to someone. How can you differentiate between a road and a street? What makes a street different from a road? These pair of words are commonly confused by people. So, it’s necessary that they know their meanings and understand how to use them. This article will discuss all the essential points related to the words ‘street’ and ‘road.’

The English Language contains many pairs of words that people often confuse while using them in daily conversations. The words ‘road’ and ‘street’ form such a pair among them. To make sure that one doesn’t confuse these two, this article covers the following topics, which will help clear your doubts.

Table Summarising the Difference between Road and Street

Road Street
Meaning Road refers to the path or route that’s often built between or within cities or towns for easy transportation. Street refers to a pathway for the public that’s usually constructed with houses on either side. Streets are found generally in towns and localities in cities.
Usage It is used as a noun. It is used as a noun.
Example The Grand Trunk road is one of the longest roads. Sam’s house is on the 4th street.

This table shows that ‘road’ and ‘street’, though they mean pathways for travelling, they aren’t the same things and can’t be used synonymously. Students often get confused between these two words, but it’s essential that they understand the contexts they are using these in. Only then, they can use these terms appropriately.

The Difference between Road and Street – Meanings

The words ‘road’ and ‘street’ are commonly used to refer to a place where people move and are used for transportation. Since these two words are associated with the same function, i.e., a way for travelling, people often mix these two while using in sentences of their own. A road is a path that connects two cities or towns or any such two points and can run for miles. Street, on the other hand, is a path that’s constructed with houses or buildings on either side of it and it might be narrower in width, for example, ‘The Grand Trunk road connects the major cities across India’, whereas ‘Our street doesn’t have enough street lights’ has a more localised context to it. Both the words are used as nouns and are used to refer to a path for travel but aren’t synonymous, and neither can be used interchangeably.

Examples of Road and Street

The following examples will help students better understand the terms ‘road’ and ‘street.’

Road – The Mahatma Gandhi road is one of the famous roads in Kolkata.

Street – The shop is just at the end of our street.

Road and Street – Conclusion

To sum up, ‘road’ and ‘street’ are not synonymous and can’t be used interchangeably. When one is using these words, they have to understand the contexts or else they will end up misusing them. This article talks about the essential points that help one know how to use these two terms in a correct manner. BYJU’S offers various articles on many such ‘Difference Between’ two words that people often get confused with.


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