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Confused about whether to use ‘sometime’ or ‘sometimes’ in a sentence? Are both the words the same? This article will help one to understand all the essential points that one needs to know while using the terms ‘sometime’ and ‘sometimes’. Once students go through this article, they’ll understand when and where to use these words.

Apart from this pair, there are many other words in the English Language that often confuse students. And to make sure that children understand the meaning of such confusing words, parents should teach the difference between commonly confused words such as homophones and others. Once they understand the difference, it becomes easier for them to apply these words in sentences. Let’s have a look at the following topics that’ll help us understand the difference between ‘sometime’ and ‘sometimes’:

Table Summarising the Difference between Sometime and Sometimes




The word sometime refers to some point of time in the future that is undetermined or unknown.

The word sometimes refers to something that is not frequent or not always.


It can be used as an Adjective or Adverb.

It is used as an Adverb.


I will go to the museum sometime.

Mary sometimes visits the church.

The table points out that ‘sometime’ or ‘sometimes’ can neither be treated as synonymous nor can be used interchangeably. Once students understand the difference, it becomes easy for them to use.

Students who previously got confused while using these words can now use them correctly in the sentence.

The Difference between Sometime and Sometimes – Meaning.

Just an ‘s’ at the end can create a huge difference in the meaning of these words. When someone uses the word ‘sometime’ as an adverb, it means some point of time in the future that’s undetermined and unknown as of now. For example, “Amy will visit her grandparents sometime in May.” Whereas the word ‘sometime’ can be used as an adjective, it means in the past. For example, “The sometime teacher runs a multinational company now.” Students should be careful about how they want to use this word. The word ‘sometimes’ refers to something that is not frequent or not always and is used only as an adverb. For example, “Tom visits the public library sometimes.” Here, the word ‘sometimes’ is used as an adverb. The following examples will help students to understand more clearly.

Example of Sometime and Sometimes

The following example will help students understand the words ‘sometime’ or ‘sometimes’.

Sometime – i) The final examination result will come sometime around March. (adverb)

ii) The sometime driver is now a professional commercial pilot. (adjective)

Sometimes – Sometimes it’s necessary to think before you make a decision. (adverb)

Once students understand the difference between the words ‘sometime’ and ‘sometimes’, they can easily apply them in the proper context.

Sometime and Sometimes – Conclusion

In conclusion, the words ‘sometime’ and ‘sometimes’ aren’t synonymous and can’t be used interchangeably. A single omission of ‘s’ at the end can change the meaning of the entire sentence. This article points out the major differences between these two commonly confused words and helps students to use them correctly. BYJU’S offers various articles on many such ‘differences between two words’ that people often get confused with.

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