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Teachers and professors both play a significant role in any student’s life. But are teachers and professors the same people? Who is known as professors, and what differentiates them from teachers? These are the two terms that happen to confuse children at times. Apart from these terms, there are many other words in the English Language that often seem to confuse students. If you ask students whether ‘teacher’ and ‘professor’ are the same or not, there’s a high chance that they can’t answer that question.

This article will make sure that students understand the difference between these two words and can use them in the correct context. The article will cover all the necessary key points that’ll help one to grasp the difference between these two terms. It is essential that students from a young age understand the usage of words that are often misinterpreted and used incorrectly by other people. The article will cover the following topics:

Table Summarising the Difference between Teacher and Professor




Teacher refers to the person who teaches in a school.

Professor refers to the person who teaches in college or university.


It is used as a Noun

It is used as Noun


Mr. Park is our Mathematics teacher.

Dr. Samuel Richards is an English professor at this college.

This table shows that though ‘teacher’ and ‘professor’ refers to people who teach students, they aren’t the same thing and can’t be used synonymously. Students often get confused between these words, but it’s essential that they understand the context they are using it in. Only then can they use these terms correctly.

The Difference between Teacher and Professor – Meaning

Teachers and professors are associated with the noble profession of teaching students. But what makes them different from one another? Generally, teachers are those people who teach at schools. Unlike teachers, professors have their specialisation or degrees in a particular subject. So professors are considered to be the highest form of educators who teach in colleges or universities where students go to acquire specialisation in a particular field. Professors generally have to achieve a Doctorate degree in the specific field they teach the students, whereas teachers have to complete their Bachelor of Education degree to apply in schools.

Example of Teacher and Professor

The following example will help students to better understand the terms ‘teacher’ and ‘professor’.

Teacher – Mrs Robertson, our class teacher, took us all to a picnic last Saturday.

Professor – He was a professor of Philosophy at Chicago University.

Once students understand the meaning of the words ‘teacher’ and ‘professor’, they can quickly form examples on their own.

Teacher and Professor- Conclusion

To sum up, ‘teacher’ and ‘professor’ though refer to people who teach students but are not synonymous and can’t be used interchangeably. When students are using these words, they have to understand the context or will end up misusing them. This article talks about the essential points that help one to know how to use these two terms. BYJU’S offers various articles on many such ‘differences between two words’ that people often get confused with.

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