Difference between Test and Experiment

You might have often heard the words ‘test’ and ‘experiment’ and wondered if they have the same meanings or not. The aim of this article is to find out whether there’s any difference between these two terms or whether they can be used interchangeably as synonyms. Just like grammar, many words are used in the English Language that can prove tricky and often confusing to people who use them. If you ask people to differentiate between two words such as these – ‘test’ and ‘experiment’, they’ll have a hard time putting their finger on the difference. This article will cover various topics necessary for students to know about ‘test’ and ‘experiment’.

Table Summarising the Difference between Test and Experiment

Test Experiment
Meaning Test refers to the process carried out to ensure the performance or the quality of something before applying it on a large scale basis. A scientific trial or a process worked up to test the validity of a hypothesis.
Usage Can be used both as a Noun and a Verb. Can be used both as a Noun and a Verb.
Example The teacher announced a surprise test for all. Leonard is running experiments to prove his speculations.

If students go through the above table, they will notice how the meaning of ‘test’ is different from that of ‘experiment’. If only one understands the meaning of both the words, they can use them appropriately.

The Difference between Test and Experiment – Meanings

The words ‘test’ and ‘experiment’ can be considered to be synonymous and can’t always be used interchangeably. While using the words, one has to take care of the context in which they’ll be implementing them. Tests can never be experiments, but experiments can be tests. Like one can go for ‘blood tests’ and not ‘blood experiments’. While ‘experimenting’ can lead to the invention of new things, ‘tests’ don’t lead to the invention of new things; rather, they are done before implementation of the product/process on a larger scale. Both ‘test’ and ‘experiment’ can be used as nouns as well as verbs.

Examples of Test and Experiment

The following examples will help students better understand the terms ‘experiment’ and ‘test’.

Experiment – The scientists were busy with their experiments on the durability of the new alloy.

Test – Sheldon took the Covid test as he was running down with a high fever.

Once children understand the meaning of ‘experiment’ and ‘test’, they can easily form sentences on their own.

Test and Experiment – Conclusion

To sum up, ‘experiment’ and ‘test’ might be synonymous but can’t always be used interchangeably. This article walks one through the essential points that help one understand how to use these two terms appropriately. BYJU’S offers many such ‘Difference Between’ two words that people often get confused with.


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