Difference between These and Those

One of the most common grammar topics that are included in the syllabus of primary kids is ‘these’ and ‘those’. This kind of topic is included at a primary level to help children understand how to use them correctly in sentences. What is the easy way to teach the kids how to use the terms ‘these’ and ‘those’? Are there any rules that they need to know before using the word? All these points will be discussed in this article.

The English Language can turn out to be intimidating to kids if they are not taught the right way to implement words. Once the kids are taught how to use the words ‘these’ and ‘those’ or what they have to bear in mind while using these words, it becomes easier for them to understand. The following topics will explain everything that a kid needs to know about the proper usage of ‘these’ and ‘those”.

Table Summarising the Difference between These and Those




The word these is used to denote more than one object that is near to the speaker.

The word those is used to denote more than one object that is far from the speaker.


It is used as a Pronoun.

It is used as a Pronoun.


These flowers are beautiful.

Those pups are playing.

So the tabular chart shows that both ‘these’ and ‘those’ may be used as pronouns, but they refer to objects at different distances. The detailed meaning of the words will help students to understand the correct usage.

The Difference between These and Those – Meaning

If a speaker wants to point towards an object that is plural in nature and near them, then the pronoun ‘these’ is used. For example, “These shoes are mine.” Here, the pronoun ‘these’ is used to refer to the shoes that belong to the speaker and are near him. Whereas the word ‘those’ is used to refer to an object that’s plural in nature and is at a distance from the speaker. For example, “Those stars are far away in the sky.” Here, ‘those’ is used to refer to the distance of the number of stars from the speaker. Once students get this, it will be simple for them to use these pronouns in sentences.

Examples of These and Those

Let’s go through the given examples of ‘these’ and ‘those’ to understand the concept clearly.

These – These flowers are very beautiful. (pronoun)

Those – Those cars are parked right next to the booth. (pronoun)

These examples will help the students understand the difference between pronouns ‘these’ and ‘those’, and it becomes easier to use them in sentences.

These and Those – Conclusion

Summing up, both the words ‘these’ and ‘those’ are pronouns that are used to refer to plural objects that are at a specific distance from the speaker. These pronouns can’t be swapped or can’t be used synonymously. While using these pronouns, one has to check the distance of the object from the speaker. BYJU’S provides different articles on many such ‘differences between two words’ that students often get confused with.

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