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Have you ever felt messed up while using ‘till’ and ‘until’? It is not just you but many others who have felt the same way. So how to make sure that when you are using ‘till’ and ‘until’, you use them in the proper context? Students who know how to use the correct word in the right sentence always remain a step ahead of others.

The English Language can turn out to be intimidating to students if they don’t have the idea to use the words in the right way. Once the students are taught what they should bear in their mind or how they should use the words ‘till’ and ‘until’, it becomes simpler for them to understand and implement. The following topics will explain everything that students need to know about the proper usage of ‘till’ and ‘until’.

Table Summarising the Difference between Till and Until




The term till denotes an action up to a specific/particular point in time.

The word until refers to up to the time of or till a specified time.


It is used as a Preposition and Conjunction.

It is used as a Preposition and Conjunction.


I was awake till late in the night.

I will wait until my mother arrives.

If you look at the table minutely, you will notice that both the words ‘till’ and ‘until’ have the same meaning. And one can use them synonymously and interchangeably. The following examples will help you to understand more clearly.

The Difference between Till and Until- Meaning

The words ‘till’ and ‘until’ have the same meaning, and both can be used synonymously and interchangeably. The only point of difference between them is that the former is used more frequently than the latter. Both of these terms are the exact same thing, i.e. an action/event continuing up to a particular point in time. The word ‘until’ is used in formal notices/letters or any other form of writing. Whereas the word ‘till’ has a more casual tone to it. Both these words can be used either as a preposition or conjunction and have precisely the same meaning in both cases. The students can simply use these terms in place of another without getting it wrong.

Example of Till and Until

The examples below will be beneficial for students to understand the words ‘till’ and ‘until’.

Till – i) The baby slept till 8 o’clock. (preposition)

ii) I didn’t go out till it stopped raining. (conjunction)

Until – i) The bank gave us time to submit our documents until tomorrow. (preposition)

ii) You don’t know your true potential until you push your limits. (conjunction)

The examples will prove to be helpful for the students to understand that ‘till’ and ‘until’ both are synonymous and interchangeable. Except the ‘till’ is commonly used and has a casual tone to it.

Till and Until – Conclusion

Summing up, the words ‘till’ and ‘until’ can be used in place of one another and are synonymous. The only difference is that the latter is used more formally than the former. This article points out that there’s absolutely no difference between ‘till’ and ‘until’ and makes it easier for students to put them in sentences without confusion. BYJU’S offers various articles on many such ‘differences between two words’ that students often get confused with.

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