Difference between Vacation and Holiday | Holiday vs Vacation

You might have heard about the terms ‘holiday’ and ‘vacation’, and some of you might have assumed that both these words mean the same. This kind of assumption leads students to using these terms interchangeably, which later results in grammatically wrong sentences. This article will talk about whether both the terms mean the same or not and if they are different what’s the point of difference.

The English Language is filled with many pairs of words that are often misinterpreted to be similar in function hence, making things confusing when it comes to usage. If you want to make sure that the next time you are using these terms, you are using them in the proper contexts, you need to go through this article. The article will include the following points, which will make it easier for one to understand.

Table Summarising the Difference between Holiday and Vacation

Holiday Vacation
Meaning Holiday refers to a short period of time that one spends doing leisure activities. Vacation refers to a long period of time that one takes off from school or work to enjoy as a period of leisure and various other enjoyable activities.
Usage Used as a Noun and a Verb. Used as a Noun and a Verb.
Example We have a holiday for Good Friday. Our winter vacation starts from 25th December.

If you go through the above table, you will notice how the meaning o0f ‘holiday’ is slightly different from that of ‘vacation’. If one grasps the essence of both these words, then it becomes easy to use them in sentences without giving the wrong impression.

The Difference between Holiday and Vacation – Meanings

The main point of difference that lies between the word holiday and vacation is the way they are used. The term ‘holiday’ is a British English word that refers to a period of time that one spends away from work (be it school or one’s workplace). Both weekends and as well as special occasions like Christmas, New Year etc., are holidays. The term ‘holiday’ can be used both as singular and plural (holidays), for example, ‘Christmas is a public holiday in our country.’ At the same time, ‘vacation’ is an American English word that means a long time off from work (be it school or work). Vacation is always used in the plural sense, for example, ‘Our winter vacation starts from the day of Christmas.’

Examples of Holiday and Vacation

The following examples will help students to  understand the terms ‘holiday’ and ‘vacation’ in a better way.

Vacation – We are planning to visit the Maldives for a vacation.

Holiday – Saturday is holiday for Jerry.

Holiday and Vacation – Conclusion

In conclusion, ‘vacation’ and ‘holiday’ are not entirely synonymous in nature and can’t be used interchangeably. This article will help one understand all the essential points that will help them understand these two terms. Our BYJU’S website offers many such articles on ‘Difference Between’ two words that people often get confused with.


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