How to Write?

As we know, English academically is divided into two parts: Literature and Language. Now the problem arises when students are introduced to the English Language – they have to write about different topics. Most of the students feel that they can’t write properly or they lack the flair for writing. So how to ensure that when it comes to writing an essay or a letter, students can write with ease? Well, this article will give students some simple tips on how to improve their writing. Let’s go through them.

Points to Enhance English Writing Skills

Unlike learning literature, writing exercises requires students to be creative. These tips below will ensure that students can improve their English writing skills.

Let’s take a look at the following tips to enhance English writing skills,

  • Keep your concepts clear – Before writing anything, be it a letter or an essay, or a speech, ensure that the concepts that you would be dealing with are clear. Let’s suppose you are asked to write about “conservation of water”. So before starting to write, you have to make sure what you want to include in your writing. You should know about what is water conservation, why it is important to conserve water, and what are ways to conserve water. Once you know what you have to write, it becomes easier for you to write with fluency.
  • Do research – Be it buying anything or trying to write about anything, research is important. For most students, when they are given to write about anything for the first time, it becomes difficult for them to do so. So to ensure that they develop writing skills, it’s advisable that they do some research on the given topic. Generally, students can find a lot of reference articles that they can go through and get an idea of how or what to write. Doing research on various writing topics would definitely help students to improve their writing skills.
  • Brush up your Grammar – Grammar is the backbone of English. So if you want to write an error-free article/speech/letter, you must have a stronghold over grammatical knowledge. Knowing the basics of English grammar would help children to form grammatically correct sentences. Grammar knowledge helps the students to provide their writing with a proper structure. Knowing grammar concepts like active and passive voice or tenses helps children to improve their writing skills.
  • Increase Vocabulary – You might have seen how authors or poets use different new words to enhance their writings? If you wish to incorporate such words into your writing, too, you need to improve your vocabulary. Now students might wonder how they can improve their vocabulary. Reading is a very effective and easy way to increase your vocabulary. If you come across a word and don’t know the meaning, it’s advisable that you look up the word in a dictionary. This will help you to use the words in the right context.
  • Spelling Check – One of the reasons why students lose marks is because they make spelling mistakes in their write-ups. There are a number of words that have the same spelling but have completely different meanings. So while using these words, students should keep in mind the context they are using them in. Students often get confused between words like ‘advise’ and ‘advice’, ‘compliment’ and ‘complement’, ‘latter’ and ‘later’ and many more. In such cases, students should know what’s the difference between such words and then use them in their articles/speech/letters etc.
  • Practise a Lot – Until and unless you are a genius, it will take a lot of pages before you end up writing a proper speech or an article. Even though you go through a lot of reference write-ups or be careful about spellings, you might not be able to put it all together in the first draft itself. So in times like this, you shouldn’t worry. Because it’s not just you but many others too who have prepared hundreds of drafts before they could pen down a beautiful piece of writing. As we all know, it’s the practice that makes us perfect. So don’t worry about wasting a few pages till you are satisfied with your write up.

What is Writing Style?

Not every writer has the writing style. Now one might wonder what writing skills are? In simple words writing skills is the way in which a writer expresses their thoughts in a story or novel. Not all writers follow the same kind of writing style. While writing a novel, a writer might follow a different writing style, whereas the same writer might go for a different way of writing style when they are composing a poem. Here are four different types of writing styles that are commonly adopted by writers. Let’s have a look at them.

Tone of Writing

Just like you have to remember the tips that are going to help you write, you have to have an understanding of the tone of writing. There are generally four different tones that a student can use in their writing. The tone of the writing determines how you would want your readers to perceive your writing. Let’s learn about the four different tones of writing.

  • Narrative writing – Have you ever read novels or story books? Have you noticed the style in which the author tells his/her readers about the various events taking place in the novel/stories? Or the way the characters are introduced into the story? Well, mostly in a novel or a screenplay, narrative writing style is followed.
  • Persuasive writing – As the term suggests, persuasive means the ability to persuade/compel someone to do something. Similarly, persuasive writing is a way by which the writer tries to convince the reader about the things that are mentioned in the write-up. Generally, this type of persuasive writing is followed in cover letters or letters of recommendation.
  • Descriptive writing – Have you seen such write-ups where when you read, you can vividly picture what’s written? Well, that type of writing is known as descriptive writing. Be it poems or picture reading comprehension, these types of write-ups follow descriptive writings.
  • Expository writing – Technical writings, newspaper articles, scientific writings all of these types of writings deal with factual news and information. These types of writing are known as expository writing. So if you’re given report writing, then you can easily follow an expository writing style.


Summing up, writing something for the first time can be hard for many students, but if they follow these simple tips, it will help them improve their writing skills. BYJU’S provides various articles, speeches, and letters that students can go through and write their own write-ups.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to ensure good writing skills?

There are different ways in which one can improve their writing skills. This article will discuss the various ways to improve one’s writing skills.

What is persuasive writing?

Persuasive writing refers to such writings where the writer tries to convince the reader about the things that are mentioned in the write-up.

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