School Character Certificate | Format and Sample Letters for you

A character certificate is needed for a candidate’s background check. A student claims for a school character certificate from the head of the institution when he or she is applying for a job or trying to go abroad for higher studies. The principal of a school/college provides the character certificate for students stating that the candidate has had a moral character and behaviour.

Like other documents, a character certificate from college or school is needed for background verification of the candidate. It is issued as proof that the student doesn’t have any criminal records. Read the below article and check the student character certificate formats.

Applying for Character Certificate in School or College – Format to Follow

The character certificate is also known as Charitra Praman Patra, and it defines the character of a student stating that the student possesses a satisfactory moral character. Like other documents, there is a defined format for character certificates for the students. The character certificate is issued by the previous institutions, police authority, or the government.

Like other formal letters, informal letters, Applications for TC, etc., the students will have to write a letter requesting the head of the institution to issue a character certificate from school or college. The student needs to provide adequate information like their class, years of study in the institution, roll number, etc.

Sample Request Letter for the School Character Certificate

The Principal

Kendriya Vidyalaya

Lane-9, Sahadevpura, Delhi,

Pin- 765432


Subject: Request for School Character Certificate

With due respect, I, Nisha Sharma, have been a part of your institution from 2013 to 2021 (from class 4 to 12) with Roll Number 19 (Class 12), section B. I am writing this letter to request my character certificate as I have applied for my higher studies with Jain College, Bangalore. As asked by my college, I need the school character certificate to secure my admission.

I have enclosed a copy of my ID card and other documents for your reference. Kindly issue a character certificate at the earliest possible date.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

Nisha Sharma

Formats to Follow to Write a Character Certificate for Students

To issue the school character certificates to the students, the institution also follows a format that is mentioned below. If you are a person of authority and looking for the student character certificate format, we have provided samples for you. It is essential for a student to receive a character certificate from school/college while applying for higher studies abroad or applying for a job in both government and private institutions.

Character Certificate Format for Student by Principal

It is to certify that Amrita Gupt, daughter of Satish Gupta, has studied in this Institution from 2011 to 2021 and holds high integrity and moral ethics. Her mannerisms had been admirable in the presence of both teachers and students. She hasn’t acted violently or aggressively in the past, and she hasn’t expressed any desire to harm others.

Signature with Seal

Mr. Asish Bharadwaj

Date: 11/02/2022

College Character Certificate Format

The authority can refer to the below-provided format for the college character certificate format for the students.

This is to certify that Master Projwol Dasgupta, roll no 345, son of Amrit Dasgupta, has been a part of this institution from 2019 to 2022. We can proudly bear witness to the student’s excellent morality, ethics and character.

Throughout the period of study, he has shown no signs of violence or anti-social behaviour toward others, and he has nothing on his record that would disqualify him/her from working for the company.

I wish him all the successes in his/her life.

Signature with Seal

Sujay Sinha

Dean, IU College



Frequently Asked Questions on formats for Character Certificate from School


What is a school character certificate?

A school-issued character certificate verifies an individual’s conduct or behaviour (good or bad) during his/her time in school. This certificate is useful when a student wishes to continue his/her education at a university or college other than the one where they are currently enrolled.


Why is a character certificate needed?

A student will need a character certificate to provide to further institutions or in their professional lives for background verification. The student’s character certificate states that he or she has no criminal record. It demonstrates the student’s moral character.


How to get a character certificate from the school or college?

In order to claim a character certificate from the previous school or college, the student will have to write an application either online or offline to the head of the institution. The students can follow the application format mentioned above in the article to write the application. The authorised person will revert back with the character certificate following the format as mentioned.


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