Voice Change Exercises for Class 10

There are many English Grammar chapters that a child has to learn about as they grow up, and one among them is the voice change. Having a clear understanding of voice change helps students to change sentences as per need. A student whose primary knowledge of voice change can solve any type of voice change related questions in higher classes.

This article will include various voice change exercises that can be asked in your Class 10 Board exams. BYJU’S team has designed the following exercises considering the Class 10 Board examination. Let us go through the following exercises.

Voice Change Exercises for Class 10 with Answers

How many exercises have you found where the answers are already given? Very few of them, right? These voice change exercises provided by BYJU’S come with answers so that students can check once they are done solving the exercises. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check how many of the questions you attempted are correct.

Change as Directed:

Read the following sentences and change them as directed.

  1. Do you like Naina? (Passive Voice)
  2. Asha Bhosle sings beautiful songs. (Passive Voice)
  3. Tina is known to me. (Active Voice)
  4. The film has been signed by Shah Rukh Khan. (Active Voice)
  5. Cricket is played by Sourav Ganguly. (Active Voice)
  6. Meera worshipped Lord Krishna. (Passive Voice)
  7. Mark Antony delivered a speech to the Roman people. (Passive Voice)
  8. Ved Vyasa wrote Mahabharata. (Passive Voice)
  9. Mr Singha has been robbed by the burglar. (Active Voice)
  10. The cat drank the milk. (Passive Voice)
  11. The piano was being played by Rima. (Active Voice)
  12. The guards will have locked the gates by 2 P.M. (Passive Voice)
  13. Who cooked the pasta? (Passive Voice)
  14. Where was my book found by you? (Active Voice)
  15. The children are playing holi. (Passive Voice)

Answers –

  1. Is Naina liked by you?
  2. Beautiful songs are sung by Asha Bhosle.
  3. I know Tina.
  4. Shah Rukh Khan has signed the film.
  5. Sourav Ganguly plays cricket.
  6. Lord Krishna was worshipped by Meera.
  7. A speech was delivered to the Roman people by Mark Antony.
  8. Mahabharata was written by Ved Vyasa.
  9. The burglar has robbed Mr. Singha.
  10. The milk was drunk by the cat.
  11. Rima was playing the piano.
  12. The gates will have been locked by the guards by 2 P.M.
  13. By whom was the pasta cooked?
  14. Where did you find my book?
  15. Holi is being played by the children.

Change the Voices

  1. The dog chased the boy.
  2. The cat bit the baby.
  3. The delivery boy rang the bell.
  4. Tuhin played basketball.
  5. Miss Gomez teaches us French.
  6. Yuvraj caught the ball.
  7. Children love chocolates.
  8. Sumit will take a photograph.
  9. Who taught you this rhyme?
  10. The police arrested the dacoits.
  11. Ravi was flying an aeroplane
  12. The poacher shot the tiger.
  13. The lion killed the goat.
  14. Sachin threw the ball.
  15. Everyone loves little Ruchi.
  16. My brother has drawn this landscape.
  17. The people were helping the injured woman.
  18. Granny had taken the medicines.
  19. The boy is taking extra sheets.
  20. The dog ate the meat.

Answers –

  1. The boy was chased by the dog.
  2. The baby was bitten by the cat.
  3. The bell was rung by the delivery boy.
  4. Basketball was played by Tuhin.
  5. French is taught to us by Miss Gomez.
  6. The ball was caught by Yuvraj.
  7. Chocolates are loved by children.
  8. A photograph will be taken by Sumit.
  9. By whom were you taught this rhyme?
  10. The dacoits were arrested by the police.
  11. An aeroplane was being flown by Ravi.
  12. The tiger was shot by the poacher.
  13. The goat was killed by the lion.
  14. The ball was thrown by Sachin.
  15. Little Ruchi is loved by everyone.
  16. This landscape has been drawn by my brother.
  17. The injured woman was being helped by the people.
  18. The medicines had been taken by Granny.
  19. Extra sheets are being taken by the boy.
  20. The meat was eaten by the dog.

Identify the Type of Voice

Go through the sentences and identify the type of voice used.

  1. Arijit Singh sings beautiful songs.
  2. The Sun sets in the West
  3. Ricky was being punished by his teacher
  4. Tony Stark is helped by Peter Parker
  5. The mason is building the palace.
  6. The woodcutters cut down all the trees.
  7. The poor farmer dropped his axe into the river.
  8. The dove was shot by the mischievous boy.
  9. By whom was Germany taught to Bethany?
  10. Kate lost all the money.
  11. The farmers will plough the field before the monsoons.
  12. The homework will be finished by me in the evening.
  13. The enemies were defeated easily.
  14. Do you know who sang this song?
  15. The naughty children teased the monkeys in the zoo.


  1. Active voice
  2. Active voice
  3. Passive voice
  4. Passive Voice
  5. Active voice
  6. Active voice
  7. Active voice
  8. Passive voice
  9. Passive voice
  10. Active voice
  11. Active voice
  12. Passive voice
  13. Passive voice
  14. Active voice
  15. Active voice

Frequently Asked Questions

What are active and passive exercises?

Active and passive exercises are those exercises that either deal with the identification of the voices or changing the active into passive voice or vice versa.

Is knowing voices necessary for Class 10?

Yes, of course having a basic understanding of voices is necessary for students of any class or age and irrespective of their different boards.

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