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Timeline To Follow While You Prepare For CAT Exam 2021

How do you proceed when you start preparing for CAT? Have you thought of the options to weigh in before starting your preparation? Do you think self-study is sufficient for  CAT Preparation and how to go about preparing?

Here is the breakdown of all the steps you need to undertake for your CAT related queries.

CAT Preparation

  1. Start NOW:                              
    The age-old question of when to start preparing is always answerable by a simple NOW. CAT aspirants usually procrastinate with the belief that they will start preparing when they are free because currently they are occupied with other things. The problem is, you are never going to be free. You will need to start your preparation and keep it going side by side with your other priorities and commitments. And having a head start on more than one lakh competitors is always a good idea.
  2. You need to keep a calm demeanour as you know that you are already familiar with the entire syllabus, i.e, class 8th, 9th and 10th maths. All you need is to have time management techniques and prioritizing the topics to stress upon according to your strengths and weakness. The only thing that you need to take care of while preparing is, time management skills by applying the right tricks on the topic.
  3. Make a to-do list: When you start preparing for CAT, make sure you have a to-do list in front of you so that you can easily keep a track of the things you are carrying out. The study plan should be well versed and in accordance with your strengths and weaknesses so that you can chalk out the plan accordingly.
  4. Always go for quality study over quantity preparation: Don’t ever measure your preparation by the hours of preparation you did but do a quality analysis of the preparation – this will help the CAT aspirant the most. More important than solving 100s of questions every day from random topics, is to make sure whatever you are studying is of significant use. Quality studying over quantity preparation.

It is really that simple, considering the fact that you give it all you have in one attempt. You will be able to take the CAT only once a year. It is advisable for the CAT aspirants to take the CAT examination in the first attempt itself, rather than waiting for one whole year and estimating their abilities. You need not waste your precious one year and if you are thinking about weighing your strengths and weaknesses. For that, we have Mock CAT tests.

It is always better to combine self-studying with coaching. Apart from exposing yourself to the CAT level questions, study materials and online All India Mock tests, they conduct regular classes and tests, that will push anyone to apply the techniques and solve within the stipulated time frame. You also get to network with the people who are about to take the CAT. Networking will help you get on Collaborative Learning for CAT Preparation.

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