How to Prepare for CAT 2022: 10 Myths to Break NOW

It’s commonplace for each exam to have a string of myths attached to it, especially if it is at an all-India level, which on a successful attempt guarantees entry into the elite league of management schools.

Let us throw light on the 10 most common myths about CAT:

  1. Smartness doesn’t necessarily equate to intelligence

Making smart and correct choices while answering has NO relation to a person’s intellect. CAT does not test your IQ, it just tests your success rate in a stressful environment.

  1. Level-headedness is a requisite ONLY while attempting CAT questions

It is an indispensable life skill that needs to be cultivated. It will help purposeful MBA candidates conquer their highest aspirations, starting with CAT.

  1. Quick-thinking abilities develop overnight

They need to be fostered with patience, perseverance and determination and over a sufficient period of time. Learn the tricks of the trade and not how to trick the trade.

  1. Answering more questions is important to score a high percentile

It’s a completely false notion and has no effect in increasing your score whatsoever. *Answering more correct answers is the key*.<Insert Answering more vs. Answering correctly hyperlink>

  1. Women should not attempt CAT because they are weak at Quantitative Ability

Chanda Kochhar (CEO ICICI Bank), Vinita Bali (MD, Britannia Industries Ltd.) Neelam Dhawan (MD, HP India) and Roopa Kudva (MD& CEO, CRISIL) are only a few of the leading names in the business world. Quantitative Ability has nothing to do with gender.

  1. Placement opportunities for women are lesser/Companies prefer male grads

Increasing diversity, incorporating more women into the workforce is growing in popularity. For example, HSBC has introduced an internship program where they will solely recruit female candidates.

  1. Practising a lot is more important than anything

Quality over quantity is better in terms of assessing and working on your weaknesses. Be clear of the concepts to save your preparation time and to leave you with ample to revise well.

  1. Working experience is always necessary to appear for CAT

NO! You can appear and get through an IIM of your choice in the same year you graduated. All that is required is a sound preparation. Though work experience does add to the selection, it is not the only criterion.

  1. CAT is only for engineers

Anybody with a knack and passion for an MBA, combined with the right amount of preparation and time, can crack CAT; occupation is irrelevant.

  1. MBA restricts your options to the banking/finance/HR/marketing fields only

MBA is also available in diverse fields such as hotel management, construction, media/entertainment industry, rural management, data science etc.

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