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Why CAT?

why cat?

Why CAT?

CAT is the most popular entrance exam amongst other competitive exams for prospective management students. The CAT Exam is conducted by IIMs which are the premier management institutes of the country. Indian Institute of Management, famously known as IIM takes into consideration CAT scores.CAT (Common Admission Test) is a computer-based test that evaluates an aspirant’s aptitude involving thinking and reasoning abilities. The cut-off varies every year and each IIM has different cut-off criteria. Apart from the IIMs, there are other top B-schools that consider CAT scores. This year 6 new IIMs have been added to the already existing 13 IIMs. Why should you take CAT? The CAT exam is a prerequisite for admission in all the Indian Institutes of Management and several other top B-Schools. With the CAT exam, the candidates can pursue any of their preferred MBA degrees. An MBA is a hot topic among students and professionals alike, but is it just a trifle or does MBA have real value is a bone of contention. Here are some of the points that answer Why one should opt for an MBA.

  1. Better salary

The average salary of an MBA graduate from IIM and other top B-schools is higher than that of an employee with a regular master’s degree. For MBA graduates from IIM, the average salary ranges from INR 1500000 to 7500000 annually which is double than what is earned at the Graduate level. A degree in Business management helps in getting a better position with better pay.

2. Career boost

MBA graduates from IIM and other top B-schools have an advantage over others as there are higher chances of obtaining high-level management posts which will elevate their career. A professional can advance in the current career and a student can start a new career. MBA will definitely help in achieving great heights.

3. Opportunity to learn more

This may sound very trivial, but it is a general human tendency to become stagnate after repetitiveness. Studying for MBA will force you to push the limits to learn something new which in turn helps you to acquire new skills and knowledge with which you can constantly challenge yourself and deal with the latest management issues.

4. Business Panorama

Pursuing MBA will give you an overview of Business and you can become a part of a great network of professionals. A deep understanding of business has a greater advantage as you can get into Entrepreneurship which gives you an opportunity to hold a leadership position, be a potential employer and keep alive the cycle of constant learning and development.

5. Strengthen Business Network

An MBA graduate has a chance of networking with various peer groups and other relevant groups as it will accentuate the Business Management capabilities as you have a good chance to meet various people who have similar thinking and interest. The network is extensive which gives you a chance to learn and collaborate with like-minded people.

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