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IIM Student Profile

MBA aspirants are always keen to learn about the IIMs and IIM placements, but many aspirants also are curious about the profile of an average IIM student. In this article, IIM students profile is explained in detail.

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Some commonly asked questions are-

  • Do IIMs take in fresh graduates or do they prefer people from working professions?
  • If working, how many years of experience?
  • Is academic score important?
  • Is age a criteria factor?

Here the previous year’s student Profiles of IIM Ahmedabad and Bangalore are given of the previous year.

  • IIM Ahmedabad Student Profile:

The student profile of IIM Ahmedabad is given below. Also, visit IIM Ahmedabad to know about the institute, shortlisting and selection criteria in detail.

The candidates may know that IIMA is one of the top choices to study MBA. this institute provides the best infrastructural facilities along with education and job opportunities.

IIM Ahmedabad Student Profile
IIM Ahmedabad Student Profile

  • IIM Bangalore Student Profile:

Check the previous year’s student profile of IIM Bangalore from the charts given below. To know more about the selection criteria, shortlisting and other details, visit IIM Bangalore.

It is also a top choice for most candidates who want to study MBA in India. this institute provides important international collaboration, which helps the candidates to become established in the field of management.

IIM Bangalore Student Profile
IIM Bangalore Student Profile

Now apart from this, what do MBA aspirants look for?

  • The most crucial factor to be considered to get admission in an IIM is the CAT.
  • And then comes your excellence at WAT and PI rounds.

For more details on the selection process, check IIM selection criteria. By knowing all the details of the selection process, you can prepare accordingly and clear all the rounds easily.

It’s a common myth among MBA aspirants that if you’re from a non-engineering background or a working professional, chances of getting into IIMs are less. On the contrary, IIM has always been looking for diversity in their colleges. CAT exam has never been made to eliminate a certain group.

If you get a good CAT score and perform well in WAT/PI rounds, getting into the IIMs is always a possibility. Keep visiting BYJU’S to get various preparation tips that will help you to ace the CAT and get into your preferred B-school.