Tips To Start CAT Preparation Effectively

It can be expected that a readiness time of more than 9-10 months is adequate to ace the CAT. In any case, that does not mean one should hold up till that point. On the off chance that you have additional time available to you, it is smarter to begin getting ready for the exam immediately.

As the CAT syllabus is vast, it is suggested to start the CAT preparation early. Some of the crucial things that one should keep in mind while starting the preparation are given below.

1) Analyse Weaker and Stronger Areas

It is important to analyze the weak and strong topics before starting with the preparation. This way you can strategize a proper preparation plan and study accordingly. Check what topics have always been tough for you. Once you analyze the weaker topics or areas, try converting them to your strength.

2) Adopt Reading Habit

The ideal approach to improve vocabulary and effectively attempt the verbal and Reading comprehension segment of the CAT exam is by reading. Try reading a lot- newspapers, books, magazines, blogs and other online articles.

A good reading habit will likewise enable you to expand your reading speed and furthermore develop your comprehending capabilities to understand different themes in the examination (for instance, History, Politics and so forth).

3) Work on Logical Thinking Ability

Begin practising logical questions and help your mind cells to build your IQ. This activity will be helpful for the examination as well as for your life all in all. Practice several variations of questions from all the topics to be able to tackle any question in the exam.

4) Build Vocabulary

Building a decent vocabulary is a slow process and it requires a gigantic measure of tolerance and ingenuity. Gratefully, there are many devices and tools to help you build your vocabulary like flashcards, word maps and so forth. These visual guides dependably offer assistance.

5) Mock Test Strategies

  • Try to take 2 CAT mock tests per week i.e. 16 – 20 in 2 months. This will be helpful to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and to effectuate your preparation strategy.
  • Analyze every mock test result and monitor those to ensure that you are making clear progress with every subsequent attempt.
  • Apart from the overall mock tests, take sectional tests also. If after certain tests, you realize that you are weak in one particular area, head over to that particular section and practice. Then take several sectional mocks to get confident with that particular topic.
With these tips, it is expected that the CAT candidates can effectively start their preparation. As the exam is one of the most competitive exams in the country, CAT aspirants are suggested to be dedicated and focused all throughout their preparation to be able to ace the exam easily.

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