Three Month Study Plan For GMAT

3 Months Study Plan for GMAT

If you read any online blog or look at the statistics that GMAC presents, it is a very popular fact that the average time required to study for the GMAT is three months. The 3-month plan will provide more time for the student to prepare for the test. It will also ensure that the student is able to dedicate more time to study the basic concepts and will thus have sufficient time to practice the concepts learnt on the mock tests that he takes throughout the various phases of preparation.

You should be looking at the three-month study plan if you are;

  • one who cannot compromise on your hours of work and has to put in 9 hours of work on a regular basis.
  • one who is not very confident of the basic concepts but still wants to proceed to learning the intermediate and advanced concepts and also become more confident of the basic concepts.
  • one who is conversant with the basics but has not had sufficient practice in one section and/or is weak in the other section.
  • one who is aware that the application deadline is 3 months away and is keen to capitalize on that for fear of losing an entire year.

3 Months GMAT Study Plan For Working Professionals

This plan is most likely to work for a student who is still studying in college, or for a professional who has less 8 years of experience because in both cases, people of this category usually find it easy to get back to the study regimen. If this student intends taking the test in three months he would have to spend at least 2 to 3 hours everyday learning right from the basic concepts. He may not be able to excuse himself from work to add to his preparation time. The time required to study the basic concepts may be equal to 250 hours and the remaining time must be employed in solving questions of all levels. This would average out to another 100 hours. In case the student misses preparation for a day, then the same can still be compensated but since time is of the essence here, it is not advisable to skip preparation regularly. Moreover, lagging behind in his preparation even by a few hours can prove to be a costly mistake. If the student is not starting his preparation right from bottom-up, then he should dedicate 3-4 hours to study the concepts.

First Two  Months GMAT Study Plan

As per the second plan, the student would be advised to study the basic concepts for 4 weeks and also become familiar with the short cuts simultaneously. In this duration, the student should take as many mock tests as possible as this will clearly show whether the student has understood the concepts or not and will also indicate whether the student is on the right track. This is also the time the student has to progress from intermediate to advanced questions. Consistent practice only acts as a morale booster and helps the student to face the test. It is also important to understand that since this is a skill based test, consistent practice is the only determinant key to success.

The Last Month Rush

The 3-month plan would be sufficient for the student to learn the basic concepts and cover most of the topics tested on the GMAT Quant section. Once the student has gained confidence that he can solve the Quant questions given any topic and difficulty level then he or she should decide to move on to the Verbal section and dedicate his time to practice questions only on the Verbal section. For the Quant section practice can be done only on the mock tests – be it full length or sectional.

Another way in which someone can adopt the three-month plan is to work approximately 3 hrs a day, alternating between the Verbal and Math sections to avoid monotony. Continuous assessment of his performance on the mock tests will help him realize where he is going wrong and where he may require more practice. Again, it is to be remembered that, it is important for the student to realize that unless the mistakes are not corrected from test to test, the entire exercise would be considered futile.

Despite taking these mock tests if the student feels that his performance is below par, then the decision to postpone the test date must be taken and the student must decide to take it when he is better prepared to face the challenge.Byju’s will be glad to help you in your GMAT preparation journey. You can ask for any assistance related to GMAT and MBA from us by calling us at +918884544444. You can write to us at