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Android is an operating system based on Linux Kernel. It is primarily designed for touchscreen mobile devices. It was launched in November 2007. A group of developers from Open Handset Alliance sponsored by Google develops the Android operating system.

MCQs on Android

Solve Android Multiple-Choice Questions to prepare better for GATE. Learn more about Android and Android MCQs by checking notes, mock tests, and previous years’ question papers. Gauge the pattern of MCQs on Android by solving the ones that we have compiled below for your practice:

Android Multiple-Choice Questions

1. Which of these was the first-ever phone released that was able to run the Android OS?

a. HTC Hero

b. Motorola Droid

c. T-Mobile G1

d. Google gPhone

Answer: (c) T-Mobile G1

2. The Open Handset Alliance was not allowed in which of the years?

a. 2008

b. 2007

c. 2006

d. 2005

Answer: (b) 2007

3. Which of these does NOT refer to a nickname of the Android version?

a. Muffin

b. Honeycomb

c. Gingerbread

d. Cupcake

Answer: (a) Muffin

4. Google purchased Android in which of these years?

a. 2010

b. 2008

c. 2005

d. 2003

Answer: (c) 2005

5. Which of these pieces of code that are used in the Android system is NOT open source?

a. Wifi driver

b. Keypad driver

c. Power management

d. Audio driver

Answer: (a) Wifi driver

6. Which of these do NOT constitute to be a part of the native libraries in Android?

a. OpenGL

b. Webkit

c. SQLite

d. Dalvik

Answer: (d) Dalvik

7. Which of these operating systems is used in the form of the Android sack’s base?

a. XML

b. Java

c. Windows

d. Linux

Answer: (d) Linux

8. The .apk extension stands for which of these?

a. Application Program Kit

b. Android Package

c. Application Package

d. Android Proprietary Kit

Answer: (c) Application Package

9. Which of these is NOT an APK file’s component?

a. Dalvik executable

b. Native libraries

c. Resources

d. None of the above

Answer: (d) None of the above

10. Which of these files specifies our screen’s layout?

a. Manifest file

b. Layout file

c. R file

d. Strings XML

Answer: (c) R file

11. Which of these is an XML file that consists of all the text used in an application?


b. string.xml

c. text.xml

d. stack.xml

Answer: (b) string.xml

12. Which of these does NOT refer to a state in a service’s lifecycle?

a. Paused

b. Destroyed

c. Running

d. Starting

Answer: (a) Paused

13. Android is shipped with which of these built-in databases?

a. Oracle

b. MySQL

c. Apache

d. SQLite

Answer: (d) SQLite

14. The Android system gets exposed with the Status data via:

a. Altering permissions

b. Network receivers

c. A content provider

d. Intents

Answer: (c) A content provider

15. While making any network call, if the UI begins to crash or behave sluggishly, it is most likely because of:

a. Network latency

b. Too many activities on the Activity Manager

c. Hardware malfunctions

d. Virus on the available Server

Answer: (a) Network latency

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