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MCQs on CSS Language

Solve CSS Language Multiple-Choice Questions to prepare better for GATE. If you wish to learn more about CSS Language and CSS Language MCQs, you can check notes, mock tests, and previous years’ question papers. Gauge the pattern of MCQs on CSS Language by solving the ones that we have compiled below for your practice:

CSS Language Multiple-Choice Questions

1. The “color:red” in CSS can be known as _____________:

a. Value

b. Declaration

c. Selector

d. Rule

Answer: (b) Declaration

2. Which selector do we use to specify the rule for binding some particular unique element?

a. class

b. tag

c. both tag and class

d. id

Answer: (d) id

3. In an HTML page, which of these tags is used for embedding CSS?

a. <!DOCTYPE html>

b. <css>

c. <style>

d. <script>

Answer: (c) <style>

4. Which of these functions would convert the color of an element by the filter property to a grey shade, for use?

a. grayscale()

b. shade()

c. brightness()

d. black()

Answer: (a) grayscale()

5. Which of these functions is the 2D transformation in the matrix format?

a. perspective

b. matrix3d()

c. matrix2d()

d. matrix()

Answer: (d) matrix()

6. Which one of these is NOT an appropriate value for the font-variant property?

a. small-caps

b. large-caps

c. default

d. inherit

Answer: (b) large-caps

7. Which value is a slightly bolder weight than the standard bold in the font attribute?

a. dark

b. lighter

c. light

d. emphasize

Answer: (a) dark

8. The CSS property that is equivalent to the align attribute is:

a. text-align

b. float

c. text-align & float

d. centre

Answer: (b) float

9. No single, integrated ____________________ specification exists, because it gets split into various separate modules:

a. CSS4

b. CSS3

c. CSS2

d. CSS1

Answer: (a) CSS4

10. ___________ describes the CSS properties for manipulating the “ruby” position, that are small annotations next to or on top of words, especially common in Japanese and Chinese.

a. text-align

b. lang

c. ruby

d. align

Answer: (c) ruby

11. What tag do you use to directly write the style rules within a document found within the document’s head?

a. <css>

b. <style>

c. <php>

d. <script>

Answer: (b) <style>

12. The screen media type can be used with:

a. television-type devices

b. computer devices

c. handheld screens

d. all devices

Answer: (b) computer devices

13. Which one is NOT the audio element’s attribute?

a. check

b. controls

c. loop

d. src

Answer: (a) check

14. The CSS property that is primarily used for giving a line over a text would be:

a. text-decoration: none

b. text-decoration: line-through

c. text-decoration: underline

d. text-decoration: overline

Answer: (d) text-decoration: overline

15. Which of these measurements would define a measurement that is relative to the x-height of a font?

a. px

b. pt

c. em

d. ex

Answer: (d) ex

16. Which property sets the actual amount of spacing between the various letters?

a. letter-spacing

b. letter-space

c. line-height

d. space

Answer: (b) letter-space

17. Which CSS3 Color Feature could be used as a macro for any current color?

a. HSLa Color

b. RGB Color

c. CurrentColor keyword

d. HSL Color

Answer: (c) CurrentColor keyword

18. Which CSS3 Color Feature is like RGB color and adds the alpha channel value so as to specify a color’s opacity?

a. AlphaRGB

b. RGBalpha

c. RGBa

d. RGB

Answer: (c) RGBa

19. Which Selector selects any element in case it is the only child element of its parent element with its type?

a. :target

b. :only-of-type

c. @media

d. ::selection

Answer: (b) :only-of-type

20. Which of these protocols would enable a hyperlink to easily access any file on the available local file system?

a. ftp

b. https

c. telnet

d. file

Answer: (d) file

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